QLD: Mackay Kidnapping Case New Updates

The Mackay Kidnapping case in QLD sparked a sense of fear among the residents, but the police have taken the situation under control.

On Saturday night, the 13-year-old youngster and his 14-year-old companion were approached at a convenience store in Mackay and allegedly kidnapped.

The police stated that the two boys met on Coles Hill Rd at 7.20 p.m. Saturday, with the 13-year-old freely entering the vehicle.

According to Detective Inspector Tom Armitt, a 19-year-old man inside the stopped automobile pulled out a knife and forced the 14-year-old child into the vehicle.

The two children were allegedly pushed into a blue Toyota Corolla with the driver and up to five other passengers after being threatened with a knife.

Sarina Men Arrested For Abduction of 2 Children

The police have arrested two Sarina men for the abduction of 2 children, but investigators are still on the lookout for others who may have been involved in the crime.

The Daily Mercury claimed that multiple patrol cars and an RACQ chopper equipped with spotlights and night-vision were dispatched to track down the Corolla.

Early Sunday morning, the automobile was tracked to Sarina, south of Mackay. The police used stingers to blow up at least one tire. Sarina is a rural town and seaside community in Queensland, Australia’s Mackay Region.

The authorities are likely to disclose more details about the charges after the complete investigation of the case.

Rescue Mission For the Kidnapped Two Boys

The police successfully retrieved the two kidnapped boys with the help of a well-coordinated plan for the rescue mission.

The kidnappers took the boys to Slade Point in Mackay’s north, where the 14-year-old managed to flee and raise the alarm, resulting in a police chase. 

After pursuing the kidnappers with a low-flying helicopter, authorities used road spikes to blow up their tires, bringing the boy’s horror to a close.

Officers cornered the car and detained two people, and they sent the dog squad in to find other suspects. The 13-year-old boy was also retrieved safely and received minor injuries.

After being kidnapped at knifepoint in a terrifying ordeal that led a police chase through Mackay, the two adolescent guys are safe and sound.