Sarah Stogner Tiktok Ad Video: Texas Railroad Commissioner Candidate Has A New Way of Garnering Attention


Texas Republican candidate Sarah Stogner has posted a Tiktok Ad video stating that she needed a large million sums of money for winning the election. Find more about her new approach.

Sarah Stogner is one of the candidates for the Texas Railroad Commission.

The commission basically looks after the oil and pipelines system of Texas region.

A political scientist based at the University of Texas at San Antonio has called the campaign nature to be severely misleading and too hard to digest.

He said he couldn’t believe how attention-seeking the video seems to be while hinting at the extant desperate nature of the politician.

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Explore More About Sarah Stogner’s Tiktok Ad Video

Sarah Stogner made a showy Tiktok Ad video for her campaign regarding the candidacy in Texas Railroad Commission.

Sarah posted a short Tiktok video where she posed semi-nude atop an oil working machine.

On an oil pump jack, she had these weird dancing-like steps while an advertising banner covers her very partially.

It doesn’t cover her that much and she is seemingly flashing for her election campaign.

Sarah addressed the issue when she was asked for such a semi-nude advertisement that she did for the Railroad Commission post.

In response, she shared that one can simply take a wild guess on how the mass of people is inclined to the ad and not on content.

She stated that after she posted that video, viewers commented and asked and lambasted her for her semi-nude approach but overlooked the 15 years of experience and expertise she could simply offer.

The political scenario has caused a stir in social media as well and critics are sharply deriding Srah for what she posted as a political strategy.

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Texas Railroad Commissioner Candidate Sarah Stogner’s New Way Of Grabbing Attention

Sarah Stogner, who runs as a candidate for the Texas Railroad Commissioner has posted a Tiktok short video as her campaign ad.

She posed semi-nude on the top of the oil pump and a banner of the Texas Railroad Commission hung in the air trying to barely cover this showoff.

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The video that was posted 2 days ago has gathered 22k views.

It had background music from Apache- The Sugarhill Gang.

Her Tiktok handle has 28.8k followers and over 545k views altogether. 

Explore Sarah Stogner On Wikipedia

Sarah Stogner has not yet been featured on the official Wikipedia bio page.

She has been a candidate for the 2022 Texas Railroad Commission candidates and has been heavily disdained for her semi-nude advertisement where she said she was told of the $1 million she would need to win the election.




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