Rumors Debunked: Does Pokimane Take Drugs as Old Video Resurfaces on Internet


Pokimane discredits drugs use rumors by explaining the context behind his old viral video. A new allegation has been doing rounds on the internet these days. Well, the accusations are on Twitch streamer Imane Pokimane Anys this time and it seems that a rival of hers is trying hard to hit her through bizarre comments. If you are well known of Pokimane, the Twitch streamer, then you must have heard of the allegations on her.

The accusations on Pokimane are concerned with drugs and seems some of the haters are from Jidion who’s another streamer of the same line. The accusations have however surfaced on the internet connecting to some old videos of the streamer Pokimane.

Is this not the same girl who sniffs coke on stream?? Like regularly??

— 3D Printed Otaku Wolf🎮🇯🇲 #BLM (@DigiCellWolf) January 14, 2022

What’s The Whole Drug Accusations Around Pokimane?

The whole drug drama around Pokimane popped up when some old videos of Pokimane came to the sight of her haters. Well, the video was used by the haters of Pokimane to say that the streamer takes drugs while online streaming.
An old video of Pokimane showed her using her credit cards to form lines and her haters were quick to catch that she used all that for taking drugs.

She doesn’t even go out camera fully to do it either!! Yet let me wear a vest on stream and I get banned for wearing sexually explicit attire 🙄🙄

— 3D Printed Otaku Wolf🎮🇯🇲 #BLM (@DigiCellWolf) January 14, 2022

Pokimane’s Reaction to the Drug Accusations?

Pokimane was not expecting such allegations from her and has been banned on the streaming platform. However, from her side, she did come up on Twitter to say that the allegations made on her connecting to drugs are all false. She went ahead to prove herself by clarifying the video that showed her making the lines and taking the so-called drugs.
Pokimane was seen stating that she had opened one of the Japanese loot boxes during the viral online streaming video and was putting the Japanese sugar on the made lines and not the drugs she has been accused of.

Pokimane DrugsPokimane Reaction

Is Pokimane to Be Back With Her Streaming Again?

Pokimane was banned not for the drug accusations made on her but was rather banned for streaming Avatar: The Last Airbender. The Jidion streamer’s community was known to have targeted Pokimane but the result was ultimate that the Twitch streaming platform does not have Pokimane to stream on it for a while.

However, we can still expect to see Pokimane on Twitch yet it isn’t confirmed by now. Moreover, after haters hit her with rude comments on Twitter handle too, Pokimane has limited access to her Twitter for the new members. So, she can have privacy with her true followers.

Fans Reaction

Pokimane does not deserve any of the hate that men throw at her. She just wants to provide content for people on the internet and is constantly bombarded by misogynistic men slandering her.

— forge ahead rohe (@hyperverocity) January 14, 2022

cokimane 🧟‍♀️

— Wokathon💜🥬 (@wokkathon) January 14, 2022

it’s just crack, we’ve all done it. let people enjoy thing ffs.

— sapphire (@starrphires) January 14, 2022

it’s just crack, we’ve all done it. let people enjoy thing ffs.

— sapphire (@starrphires) January 14, 2022

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