Rudra And Ruhi Get Emotional


Today’s episode of Yeh Hai Chahatein begins with Yuvraj pretending to be shocked knowing about Preesha’s accident. Without wasting any time, he takes Preesha to a hospital. Here, Saachi also comes to know about Preesha being injured. She gets tense and goes to tell Ruhi about it. Meanwhile, Bunty asks Rudra to talk to Ruhi as he walks out of the car giving them privacy. Ruhi looks angry. Rudra notices her mood and says that he is aware of her being angry at him. He says that he knows that she is upset because he did not come to meet her in person and left a letter instead.

Yeh Hai Chahatein today's episode

Ruhi asks Rudra not to apologize making the latter pull her in a warm hug. Ruhi says that she did not imagine her best friend leaving her without even informing her. Rudra asks her to say what does she want from him to make her less angry. She says that she is not angry but is upset as she got scared when she did not see him in the storeroom. Rudra gets emotional and hugs her. Here, Bunty thinks that Rudra will never come to know about Ruhi being his daughter.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 15-1-2022

On another side, Yuvraj admits Preesha to a hospital. After the treatment, the doctor asks Yuvraj not to worry as she will get better soon. Yuvraj goes to Preesha and gets sad seeing her state. He thinks that he should not have acted so rudely towards her. Later, Yuvraj pushes his thoughts aside and thinks he can not let Preesha and Rudra unite. Here, Bunty goes to Rudra and asks him to go as they are getting late. Ruhi gets emotional and asks Rudra not to go yet. Rudra looks at her and says that he will come to meet her often so she does not need to get sad.

Rudra tells Bunty that they will have to drop Ruhi at her home first. Bunty gets scared thinking if he found Preesha there. When they reach Ruhi’s home, Saachi tells Ruhi about Preesha’s accident. Rudra and Bunty get worried. They take Ruhi to the hospital. Bunty asks Rudra not to go inside as it will make Ruhi’s mother question him. Here, the nurse comes and tells Preesha that she is fine as her husband brought her to the hospital on time. Preesha tells the nurse that Yuvraj is not her husband. Watch Yeh Hai Chahatein and check what happens next in the story.

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