Rosstat first calculated the salary of an average worker

For the first time, Rosstat calculated the average wage in the Russian economy using the new method – a more objective indicator than average income. “Median” was one and a half times lower than the average salary in organizations

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The average average monthly salary in the Russian economy for 2020 is estimated at 32 422 rubles, which is 6.4% higher than the same indicator in 2019 (30 458 rubles), follows from data released by Rosstat on Friday, November 11 June.

Rosstat first calculated the median salary using a new methodology, which is also published today. The calculation is based on the administrative data of the Pension Fund on the salary insurance premiums earned.

The average wage means that 50% of jobs are paid below this value and 50% of jobs are paid higher, that is, we are talking about the salary that the average worker in Russia receives. The indicator was determined by Rosstat based on an increasing distribution of all jobs by size of wages. These were salaries lined up with jobs, not employees (one employee can have multiple jobs both for one employer and for several).

Rosstat received and analyzed the records of more than 75 million people, the department’s press service specified to RBC.

The average monthly nominal salary in Russian organizations in 2020 amounted to 51,352 rubles, Rosstat reported earlier. And considering income in the informal sector, the average monthly labor income in 2020 amounted to about 42.4 thousand rubles, follows from Rosstat data. Thus, the average wage proved to be more than one and a half times lower than the average wage in organizations and 1.3 times less than the average labor income. The higher the difference between these indicators, the wider the gap between the higher wages of the minority and the lower wages of the majority.

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