Richard Dalrymple Was A Former Cowboys Executive, What We Know About Cheerleaders Spying Accusations


Folks are curious about former the wife and family of Dallas Cowboys senior public relations president Richard Dalrymple after cheerleader spying allegations surfaced.

Richard Dalrymple was formerly senior vice president for public relations and communications of the NFL team Dallas Cowboys.

He has recently been trending because of the allegations put on him by the club’s cheerleaders. 

Cowboys: Who Is Richard Dalrymple? 

Richard Dalrymple served as the senior vice president for public relations and communications for the American football team Dallas Cowboys. 

He had been Jerry Jones’ confidant for over three decades. Dalrymple moved to Dallas from Miami in 1989, where he worked in the University of Miami’s sports records office.

When Jimmy Johnson became head football coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Richard followed him to Dallas. And after Greg Aiello chose to leave the Cowboys’ public relations dept to join the league office in New York, Richard rose through the ranks.

Richard was regarded as the man who made the mad hatter appear sane. He was assigned the task of covering Jerry Jones’ tracks. He retired on February 2nd, after a successful tenure with the Cowboys.

Who Is Richard Dalrymple Wife? 

Like most of the senior executives, Richard Dalrymple has kept his personal life concealed. So details regarding his wife and children are currently available. 

Richard is likely a married man as he is already in his 60s. 

However, his family members have not yet come to the fore, so we can only hope that they will appear in front of the media so that we can get a better look at Richard’s family.

Richard Dalrymple Net Worth Explored 

Richard Dalrymple has an estimated net worth of $3 to $5 million. 

According to Glassdoor, senior executives working for an NFL team earn an average salary of about $300,000 to $400,000.  

However, because Richard was a seasoned executive who held the position for many years, it is clear that he earned significantly more than the average. 

Richard Dalrymple Amid Cheerleaders Spying Allegations  

Richard Dalrymple has currently been the hot topic in the whole nation amid cheerleaders spying allegations. 

According to a recent ESPN report, the NFL team Dallas Cowboys paid a 2.4 million dollar settlement to four cheerleaders.

It is said that the cheerleader had accused former team executives of spying on them in the locker room. Reports say that each of the cheerleaders had received about $400,000. 

The women had accused former Dallas Cowboys Senior Vice President of Public Relations Richard Dalrymple.

Dalrymple, they claimed, was in their dressing room changing clothes. They also stated that he may have recorded them while they were undressing on a smartphone.

On the other hand, Richard issued a statement to ESPN denying the allegations and stating that his coworkers know him well and that he does not take these allegations lightly. However, he later added that the accusations are fake.

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