A pregnant nurse in Indianapolis was suspended after refusing to get vaccinated in opposition to COVID-19. Adara Allen, a former worker of Eskenazi Health, appeared on “America’s Newsroom” on Thursday emphasizing the necessity for private alternative within the matter, saying it’s not a “one-for-all medication.”

“Well, clearly, I’m not considered a hero if I’m disposable for a medical choice, also, if we’re so needed, I don’t understand why they’re not willing to take medical exemptions for people and to realize this is not a one for all medication,” Allen stated.

“There are people who are exceptions, who have more of a risk of receiving it or have adverse effects from the first dose.”


The Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County (HHC) announced the mandate again in July, and stated it will think about granting sure well being or non secular exemptions. 

Allen stated she requested a medical exemption as a result of her being pregnant, however the request was denied. 

“It was just a personal statement they wanted they did not want to see my medical records,” Allen stated. “They did not need a physician to sign off on it.”

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“It was a personal statement that a board of their doctors would approve or deny, and I was denied.” 

Allen additionally expressed her concern surrounding the shortage of long-term research centered on how the vaccine could have an effect on a being pregnant. She suffered a miscarriage in December and wished extra time to evaluate the way it may probably have an effect on her unborn baby. 

“I trust science, but I also trust long-term studies, and they don’t have enough pregnant women that want to be in these studies to have a large group of women that are willing to participate,” stated Allen. 

“They say only a third of pregnant women are even vaccinated currently.”