Poor Chris, Alyssa Ellman’s ‘dog allergy’ is nothing but doggy do


Fans have been left with some questions about MAFS Alyssa Ellman after she made some unusual excuses this week as to why she couldn’t move in with Chris.

Alyssa had previously mentioned – more than once – how much she loves dogs and is a self-proclaimed dog lover, but then she made an unusual revelation and said the reason she couldn’t move in with her fiance, Chris Colette was because she was allergic to dogs.

We are no Einstein’s but, something doesn’t add up?

Chris ultimately ended the engagement but fans are left wondering, WTF? Alyssa has since been labelled as a hypocrite and we are here to delve into the drama. Keep reading to find out more.

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Alyssa Ellman. Picture: “NOT What I Signed Up For” Alone on the Wedding Night – Married at First Sight: Afterparty (S14, E3)

The moment occurred during a conversation with Chris and his pastor Cal when Alyssa suddenly dropped the bomb that she was allergic to dogs.

Chris and Cal’s reaction wasn’t the best and they both appeared confused with the comment. On Twitter, one viewer wrote,

Love the expression from Chris and Pastor Cal when Alyssa dropped the surprising news that she’s allergic to dogs. Pastor Cal was not buying it. He looked so annoyed.


Another aggressively wrote in all caps, “ALYSSA WORKS WITH DOGS AS A CAREER AND NOW SHE [SAYS] SHE IS ALLERGIC.”

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Alyssa works with dogs and is an animal activist

Fans have been calling her a hypocrite because one of the main reasons the couple were matched was due to their similar interests – one of the most prominent being their shared love for dogs.

Alyssa works as an animal activist and is a huge animal lover with her favourite animals being dogs. Alyssa has been involved in rescuing dogs for over 10 years and during the covid pandemic created her own organisation to support and rescue dogs.

This is the main source of fans confusion as to how she is suddenly allergic to dogs after working with them all of her life. – Some fans think she just didn’t like him and didn’t want to get married.

Alyssa Ellman is allergic to dogs that don’t belong to her and husbands that do #MAFS

— TPD (@writerthoughts) February 17, 2022



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