Is Patrick Morgan Arrested For Allegedly Hiding A Camera In Bathroom?

Morgan was apprehended by the police on Monday. He has been charged with two charges of second-degree unauthorized surveillance, both of which are felonies.

More charges are expected, according to police. This case is currently being investigated. Morgan’s house is now under search warrants, according to police.

Officers are trying to find out whether there are any other victims, if these films have been circulated, and if cameras were installed in any other areas.

The school has been checked, and no more cameras are believed to be in operation on the premises, according to police.

Morgan is due in Town of Colonie Justice Court on Monday for his arraignment.

Patrick Morgan Wikipedia Details To Know: Age Explored

Patrick Morgan is a 57-year-old schoolteacher. He teaches fifth grade at Sand Creek Middle School in South Colonie.

Morgan, who has been with the district for 28 years, has been placed on administrative leave and is not permitted to work on school premises.

According to, Morgan was paid around $80,000 per year.

He may face legal issues as a result of his alleged involvement in a severe crime involving the installation of a camera in the staff restroom.

Morgan’s further information isn’t readily available on the internet.

However, we are doing our best to compile all available information about the school instructor in order to keep our readers informed.

Patrick Morgan Family: Wife And Children Details

Our readers are still left in the dark about this wife and her children. His family has remained a mystery to the police agency.

However, based on his age, he appears to be a married guy with children. It’s difficult to make any claims at this time because nothing about his marriage has been exposed.

Nonetheless, his wife and children must be heartbroken as a result of his actions at school. They must be going through a terrible period.

Furthermore, if the court finds that he committed the act, he might face a lengthy prison sentence.

The investigation is still ongoing. Please stick with us till then.