Piers Morgan lashed out at Katie Couric in a scathing column on Monday, calling her a hypocrite who deserves a “ringside seat” in “hell” for her therapy of feminine opponents within the office as detailed in her new memoir.

The outspoken former “Good Morning Britain” host referenced excerpts from Couric’s autobiography “Going There” in a column revealed by the “Daily Mail,” the place he charged the longtime NBC anchor of violating the very precept she claims to reside by in terms of feminine empowerment and ladies in her business.


Couric reveals herself to be a “nasty piece of work who chews up female colleagues and competitors like a hungry hippo gorging on watermelon,” Morgan writes. “Her idea of feminist trailblazing is to bully, intimidate, abuse and damage other women.”

In the guide, Couric reportedly criticizes a number of females within the business, together with her longtime rival Diane Sawyer, and Martha Stewart. She additionally reportedly takes intention at former “Today” host Deborah Norville, claiming that her “relentless perfectionism” was a turn-off for viewers. Norville was reportedly “too stunned and, frankly, harm to remark.”

Couric additionally reveals she didn’t assist then-newcomer Ashleigh Banfield as a result of it could have been “self-sabotage” to her personal profession. 

“I’d hear her father was telling anyone who’d listen that she was going to replace me,” Couric wrote. Banfield mentioned that her father is “senile” and was in a nursing house on the time. 

“Couric went there alright,” Morgan writes. “And by doing so, she has showed the world that she’s a vile, horribly hypocritical, vindictive misogynist who bullied women as a coping mechanism.”


Couric went after Morgan on social media over the summer time after he criticized Olympic gymnast Simone Biles for pulling out of the Tokyo Olympics. Couric on the time retweeted a picture of Morgan, former President Trump, and Charlie Kirk with a caption that learn, “Bullying successful women is a coping mechanism for a lot of mediocre men.”

Morgan mentioned he was anticipating “more inspiring proclamations of supportive sisterhood” in Couric’s memoir, “but imagine my surprise when in fact I found the complete opposite?” he wrote. “It turns out that Katie Couric isn’t a pro-women anti-bullying icon at all.”

Taylor Swift reportedly credit Couric, who has lengthy solid herself as a champion of ladies’s equality, for passing on the well-known phrases of  former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”

After ‘Going There’ is published, the Devil may need to reserve a seat for the ghastly author,” he added. “Not least because if this stuff is what she’s prepared to openly admit to, the mind boggles as to what else she got up to that she deemed too awful to share.”