Picture of Subway chicken wings in 2022 leaves Twitter divided


Buffalo wings are one of the most popular dishes and nearly every restaurant has it on its menu. However, people are left divided over one picture on the Internet that shows chicken wings placed inside a Subway box.

This has many wondering if the restaurant has in fact revamped its menu in 2022, by adding a new and unexpected dish.

If you find yourself debating about Subway possibly selling or not selling buffalo wings, let us break down the scenario for you.

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Viral picture causes confusion among Twitter users

People hadn’t thought about Subway including chicken wings on their menu until a viral post claimed that it could be possible.

A collage of two pictures shared on the channel Say Cheese’s Instagram shows the exterior of what looks like a subway takeaway box and another image next to it with chicken wings inside the box.

The caption for the same reads, “Subway is going viral on social media for selling wings.”

No sooner, a large number of social media users started to circulate the post in order to find an answer to the question; “Is Subway really selling chicken wings in 2022?”

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I refuse to believe that subway has wings. That’s for sure photoshop

— Wassup baybeee take me out to dinnah (@KeepIt103) January 12, 2022

Apparent ‘Subway Wings’ divides the Internet

The picture looks so convincing that many have come to believe that Subway is in fact selling chicken wings in select stores.

Please note: Neither the channel Say Cheese, who first shared the post, claim that Subway is selling buffalo wings, nor has the restaurant made any announcements regarding the same.

But, Subway sells the sandwich “Buffalo Chicken Footlong”, which consists of Frank’s RedHot in the filling. But the chicken wings aren’t sold separately.

So, a majority of users have simply brushed this off as a photoshopped image with false representation.

Some, however, are of them are of the opinion that Subway could be possibly selling wings as they also sell pizzas, although that’s quite unpopular.

And, as always, a few of them used the opportunity to joke about the situation contributing to a chicken shortage in the US.

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People demand explanation

It appears as if Twitter users don’t like to be messed around with respect to food as they have asked for evidence and explanation to believe that Subway is selling chicken wings in 2022.

Sadly, as there is no proof to establish the same, people have refuted the claims.

One tweeted, “It’s no way I seen somebody eating wings from subway”

Another joked, “Taco Bell and Subway got wings now, the matrix is definitely glitching out”

“Taco Bell & subway got wings? yeah ya ain’t eatin real chicken,” wrote another user.

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