Pastor Greg Locke Divorce Settlement With Ex Wife Melissa Locke, Who Is His New Fling?


Pastor Greg Locke’s ex-wife Melissa Locke stays out of light after a divorce. More on their life after separation. 

Pastor Greg Locke is the founder and head of Global Vision Bible Church in Nashville. He is well-known for being a pastor and a speaker who inspires many people. 

Currently, he has fallen into scandal after claiming that demons have told him witches’ names. Locke is one of the most controversial figures in the present day.

Greg became the talking point over the public when he told the people in his church about the demons and witches. As per him, the witches have infiltrated the Global vision.

Who Is Pastor Greg Locke Ex-Wife Melissa Locke? 

Pastor Greg was married to his first wife, Melissa Locke. The ex-couple relationship has been controversial after his affair with Taisha, the current wife, was exposed. 

Greg was married to his first wife, Melissa, for over 21 years, and the couple shared four children. The public frowned at the Pastor’s cheating news on his wife and criticized him with adultery practice.

Later on, Greg commented on the matter, mentioning that his first wife was mentally ill. He married Taisha, with whom he had an affair, leading to divorce with his first wife. 

Pastor Greg Locke Whereabouts After Divorce- Where Is He Now?

After the divorce, Pastor struggles with his reputation with an adultery accusation. Moreover, he claimed that he has always remained clean and never cheated on Melissa, his first wife. 

He also mentioned that the past six months after the six months were a hard time of his life. Regardless, he married Taisha, his assistant. 

Greg is currently living with his second wife and continuing his daily life as an Evangelical pastor. As for Melissa, his ex-wife, there has been no news on her, as she is living a low profile life.

Pastor Greg Locke Net Worth Explored  

Greg is yet to get featured on the Wikipedia page. Even so, he got widely recognized as the founder of the church and a pastor. 

Also, his primary earning source is as an evangelist and Pastor of his church. In 2022, his net worth got believed to be in millions, but the exact details are yet to get known.

Besides his church, Locke is also well-known for being an entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He must have made a fortune with his career earnings. 

Still and all, with Greg not clearly opening up about his earnings, not many details are known.

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