Our Beloved Summer episode 14 time & preview: Yeonsoo at a crossroads


‘Our Beloved Summer’ is nearing its end and every new episode of the SBS drama has reached its new emotional peak wrapping fans in the warmth of Yeonsoo and Ung’s love story. Here, we take a look at ‘Our Beloved Summer’ episode 14 time, new cameo, and preview snippets.

Choi Woo Shik and Kim Dami’s immensely successful K-drama ‘Our Beloved Summer‘ will be ending on January 25th. With only three episodes left, viewers are anxious to know if Yeonsoo and Ung’s fate will see a repetition of history or this time, the couple will choose a different ending for themselves.

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Ung and Yeonsoo are back together (Our Beloved Summer still cut/ SBS Drama Instagram/ Netflix)

International release time of ‘Our Beloved Summer’ episode 14

Episode 14 of ‘Our Beloved Summer’ will be airing on SBS on January 18th at 10 PM KST/ 8 AM ET. The drama will be available on Netflix approximately within 2 hours of its original release.

Here’s the international release time of Netflix’s ‘Our Beloved Summer.’

Central Time: January 18, 8.30 AM Central Time (CT)
Eastern Time: January 18, 9.30 AM, Eastern Time (ET)
Pacific Time: January 18, 6.30 AM, Pacific Time (PT)
European Time: January 18, 3.30 PM Central European Time (CET)
British Time: January 18, 2.30 PM GMT
Indian Time: January 18, 8 PM, Indian Standard Time (IST)
Japan Time: January 18, 11.30 PM, in Tokyo, Japan
Australian Time: January 18, 12 AM Australian Central Standard Time (ACST)
Thailand Time: January 18, 9.30 PM in Bangkok, Thailand
Philippines Time: January 18, 10.30 PM

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Special cameo for ‘Our Beloved Summer’ episode 14

The preview of ‘Our Beloved Summer’ episode 14 showed Solyi’s ex-boyfriend will return for an episode, possibly to speed up her equation with Eunho.

According to Korean media reports, Kang Ki Dong (‘It’s Okay Not Be Okay,’ ‘Romance Is A Bonus Book,’) will have a cameo role in episode 14 as Solyi’s ex.

Preview of ‘Our Beloved Summer’ episode 14 explored

‘Our Beloved Summer’ episode 14 preview has made fans hopeful that it will shed more light on Yeonsoo’s inner emotional state and her emotional journey in the last ten years.

As Ung faces again a dilemma of whether or not to choose a new beginning for his career, Yeonsoo is at a crossroads of her own mind, wondering if they will repeat the same mistakes again.

In another heart-warming preview clip, Yeon Soo is walking home, talking about how she used to tell Ung that she hates when Ung picks her up after work but in reality, she was just trying to ‘adult’ better.

Ung gives her a surprise by showing up and making every K-drama fan wonder if, at all, partners like Ung exist in real life! Check out the previews below.

Looking forward to ‘Our Beloved Summer’ ep 14? Watch the series on SBS on January 18th at 10 PM KST/ 8 AM EST and later on Netflix.

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