Only Murders within the Building Episode 8 Recap and Ending, Explained


Episode 8 of ‘Only Murders in the Building’ brings Charles, Oliver, and Mabel’s search of Tim Kono’s killer into the final stretch. The trio is posed with the near-impossible problem of crafting a compelling last episode for his or her podcast after Teddy threatens them.

In doing so, the trio takes the assistance of their podcast’s followers and begins to compile all of the proof they’ve towards Teddy Dimas and his deaf son, Theo. However, within the episode’s closing moments, a head-spinning revelation turns the tables on Charles, Mabel, and Oliver. Here’s what occurs on the finish of ‘Only Murders in the Building’ episode 8 and what it means for the case of Tim Kono’s demise. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Only Murders within the Building Episode 8 Recap

The episode titled ‘Fan Fiction’ opens with Teddy threatening Mabel and Oliver by the dumping floor. He tells them to place out a last episode revealing Tim died by suicide by the next day. After Oliver and Mabel return to the Arconia, they inform Charles about Teddy’s menace. However, Charles and his girlfriend, Jan, reveal that they’ve enough information from Tim’s cellphone to show that Tim was after the Dimases and noticed Theo push Zoe over the ledge on New Year’s Eve.

The trio meets up with Detective Williams in hopes of getting backup, however she tells them that her arms are tied. Furthermore, the toxicology report on Tim’s physique hasn’t arrived, which implies she has no additional clues for them. She means that they craft an air-tight case towards the Dimases and launch it by their podcast, after which she will be able to take motion and have the Dimases arrested.

Charles, Mabel, and Oliver get to work, and Jan and Oscar additionally attempt to assist. Oscar reveals that Tim had already purchased the ring and was anticipating the supply the evening he died. The trio suspects that the Dimases have the ring. Jan retains suggesting they take a look at a distinct suspect, a lot to the frustration of Mabel and Oliver. Oliver will get the assistance of the podcast’s followers, who assist the trio provide you with their idea of implicating the Dimases in Tim’s demise. They launch the episode, and the police arrest the Dimases. However, Detective Williams finds proof that additional complicates the case.

Only Murders within the Building Episode 8 Ending: Did The Dimases Kill Tim Kono?

In the episode’s closing moments, Detective Williams speaks to Oliver, congratulating him on bringing the Dimases to justice for his or her position in Zoe and Tim’s demise and exposing their grave robbing actions. Just then, she receives the toxicology studies that reveal Tim died by poisoning and was already useless when he was shot. She additionally will get a safety digital camera image that proves that the Dimases weren’t within the Arconia the evening Tim died. Both these items of proof strongly counsel that the Dimases didn’t kill Tim Kono.

Of course, Teddy and Theo will nonetheless be placed on trial for his or her half in Zoe’s demise and their unlawful grave robbing and black market jewellery operation. Therefore, it’s secure to say that they won’t be posing a menace to Charles, Mabel, and Oliver. However, the true killer remains to be on the market and is conserving a watchful eye on the trio. The actual killer deliberately allowed the trio to implicate the Dimases in order to divert suspicion from them. Ultimately, the Dimases proved to be a red-herring regardless of the abundance of proof towards them.

What Happened to Jan? Is She Dead?

In one other surprising and gripping second, the episode leaves the destiny of Jan up within the air. In the ultimate moments, after Charles learns that the trio was improper concerning the Dimases, he heads over to Jan’s house to apologize to her. However, when he arrives, the door is unlocked, and Jan is mendacity on the ground with a stab wound on the aspect of her torso. The episode ends as Charles cries for assist.

Earlier within the episode, when Jan leaves the group’s dialogue and returns to her house, she finds a notice that reads “I’m Watching You.” This notice is clearly from the true killer who seemingly harmed Jan to ship a message to the trio. Jan’s physique lies on the ground, chilly, with groceries scattered round however no seen pool of blood. This may imply that she is merely unconscious and nonetheless alive. If the aim of harming Jan was certainly to ship a message to Charles and his buddies, the killer seemingly made certain that she wouldn’t die from the wound. Therefore, there’s a risk that Jan remains to be alive.

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