One The Woman Episode 4: Release Date, Recap & Preview

One The Woman 2021 Kdrama

One the Woman Episode 4 is coming on the screen! The suspense comedy One the Woman kdrama picking up its pace. The latest episode shows some vital progress, but all in all, the story is moving pretty slowly at present. The characters are discovering secrets about each other showcasing different sides of the rich people of the present time. Also, the episode is balanced with comedy scenes that tone down the overdramatic scenes of One the Woman kdrama. Kang Mi Na learns about her inheritance right and husband’s affair in the latest episode. She also comes across a shocking truth, but the reaction seems pretty normal.

The last episode of One the Woman shows Mi Na creates a dramatic scene at the remembrance ceremony. Afterward, every Han member treats her as they used to do. Still unknown to her past, Mi Na decides to visit a doctor to cure her amnesia, where she comes across past flashes. However, the whole picture is still blurred for her. While Mi Na visits the accident site, Seung Wook helps her secure the Yumin Group heiress position. At the accident site, Mi Na crosses path with her crime buddies who she has forgotten. Moving on, the Samgeori gang attacks her, but she easily fights against them. That makes her sure of one thing, she is not Kang Mi Na. In the end, Seung Wook directly declares battle against Chairman Han while Kang Mi Na, aka Yeon Joo, goes to meet Mi Na’s aunty.

One The Woman Episode 3 Recap

One the Woman Episode 3 begins where the previous episode concluded. Seung Wook confronts Mi Na about her real identity, which creates doubts about her own identity in her mind. Seung Wook learns that the present Kang Mi Na is not real but indeed suffering from amnesia. It will be hard to find her identity, and thus he decides to find actual Mi Na first. At Han mansion, everyone begins to reveal their true selves after Mi Na’s early drama. Mi Na discovers about her husband’s affair. However, she does not do much since she does not even feel anything for him. A special shareholders meeting will be conducted to determine Mi Na’s heiress position at Yumin Group.

One The Woman Ep03

Seung Wook begins his investigation to find out the accident. He seems doubtful that the accident was not a mere mistake, but someone did it intentionally. The current Mi Na, on the other hand, decides to take the matter at her hand. She visits a psychologist to get treatment for her amnesia. However, she comes across some flashes of the past, which makes her more confused. Eventually, she decides to visit the accident site where she runs into Pil Kyu and Dae Chi, her old partners in crime. At the same time, Samgeori Gang’s members strike her since they were tailing after Pil Kyu and Dae Chi.

What Happens Next?

A fight broke between Mi Na and Samgeori Gang, where she ultimately learns that she could not be Kang Mi Na with the way she fights flawlessly. One the Woman Episode 3 recap also states Seung Wook reveals his status as a mysterious foreign shareholder and her stepfather is the other shareholder at the urgent shareholders meeting. It turns out that Sung Hye is the one who to reveals Mi Na’s amnesia matter to her aunty and causes this meeting. With the majority of shares, Seung Wook votes Mi Na as the next heiress of Yumin Group.

Yeon Joo decides to keep a low profile after learning she is not real Kang Mi Na. As the episode nears the end, Chairman Han invites Seung Wook to the mansion to talk about their real purpose. Chairman Han reveals that in the past, it was Seung Wook’s mother was the one who decided to handle the matter herself and not because she was powerless. That put Seung Wook in confusion, but he declares direct war to reclaim what is his!

Ep03 ending scene

One The Woman Episode 4 Release Date

One The Woman Episode 4 will be released on 25 September 2021 at 10 pm KST on SBS. The first episode of One the Woman was broadcasted on 17 September 2021. The kdrama contains sixteen episodes. So far, the first three episodes have been released. Every episode airs for 60 min duration. One the Woman new episode drops on Friday and Saturday on the SBS channel. If you have not started this kdrama, you must now! To see how Kang Mi Na makes the audience stomach rumble due to comedy, watch One the Woman Episode 4.

Watch One The Woman Episode 4 Online- Streaming Details

You can watch One the Woman Episode 4 on the SBS channel at 10 pm KST. For global viewers, One the Woman kdrama is available on Viki and Kocowa. However, keep note that Kocowa is only available in South and North America. You can even download Viki mobile application to have easy access to your favorite kdrama, One the Woman.

One The Woman Episode 4 Preview

Finally, One the Woman Episode 4 preview is already come out! Another episode is coming with a complete package of drama, suspense, and a lot of comedy. One the Woman Episode 4 preview shows Seung Wook helps the present Mi Na, aka Yeon Joo. He gives a file containing details to learn about the past Kang Mi Na. It will be helpful for both. Seung Wook needs Yeon Joo to battle against Hanju Group since the real Kang Mi Na is still missing. It also seems Yeon Joo will go out on her own way to find her real identity.

One the Woman Ep04 Preview

Yeon Joo’s colleagues also begin to look for her because, for them, she has become a missing person now. Sung Hye will tail after the current Mi Na since Mi Na has inherited Yumin Group’s wealth because of Seung Wook’s help. Sung Hye has done everything to be where she is now, even if she has to go out of the moral line. Therefore, she will not let Mi Na have everything so easily. The next episode of One the Woman will be another burst of comedy featuring comedian Kang Mi Na aka Yeon Joo. To know more, watch One the Woman Episode 4.