One Piece Episode 1007 Release Date, Time, Spoilers, Preview, Recap & Countdown


Recent One Piece episodes consistently impressed the audience, and One Piece Episode 1007 appears to have been on track to do just that. In One Piece man episode1006, fans witnessed the Ice Oni outbreak reach its peak, with practically everybody, buddy or enemy, getting infected.

Moreover, the Akazaya Nine vs. Kaido issue reached a major critical moment. The Scabbards offense is crumbling under the weight of a wounded Kikunojo, so it appears that this pattern will likely go further in One Piece Episode1007.

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One Piece Episode 1006: Recap

Once we’re in the center of the story, let’s consider taking a look at what has happened in One Piece episode 1006, i.e, the previous episode. The Akazaya nine are fought against by Kaido, who very much certainly beats them. While following Shinobu and Momo, Yamato is attacked by the Armored Division. On the very first floor of the underground, Jimbei approaches Sanji as well as Luffy. Along with the virus’s treatment on the main floor, Apoo is already on the run.

One Piece Episode 1007

While fighting off inferior grin fruit teammates, Zoro and X- Drake follow him. Ulti headbutts Usopp, breaking his skull. She immediately goes to Nami and tells her that Luffy is unsuited again for the position of Pirate King. Nami sobs as she continues to support Luffy. Out of anger, Ulti tries to headbutt Nami.

One Piece Episode 1007: Release Date & Time

One Piece Episode 1007 is set to release on Sunday, January 23, 2022, at 9:30 AM JST on Crunchyroll & Netflix. The title of episode 1007 is “Zoro’s Pursuit! Ice Oni in Oni Tag“. The episode is directed by Katsumi Tokoro and written by  Tomohiro Nakayama. 

The Timings can vary based on your time zone. See below to know the airing of Episode 1007 in your region:

Japan- 6:00 AMUSA/Canada- 00:00 AMIndia- 8:00 AMUK- 6:00 AMCES (EUROPE)- 7:00 AM

One Piece Episode 1007: Spoilers

Throughout this section, we’ll talk about One Piece episode 1007 spoilers as well as leaks. As a result, if you want to prevent ruining the show for yourself, skip towards the next section.

The new episode is titled “Zoro’s Pursuit!” Ice Oni’s Obstacle Course!”
In other scenes, Zoro fights back from his opponent’s expanding attacks while seeking to just to protect his teammates or combatants who’ve been converted into Ice Oni.

In the meantime, in “One Piece” Episode 1007, Queen is getting ready to play a dangerous game.

Chopper’s Resolution in Episode 1006, “I Will Not Forgive Him!” The Golden Festival was converted into a terrible calamity by Queen’s Plague Circles, called Ice Oni.

Where to Watch?

Once the episode is available, viewers can stream One Piece episode 1007 on streaming sites like Funimation or Crunchyroll. Successful programs like One Piece possess episodes made publicly available to watch after they premiere on Japanese television owing to the businesses’ rebroadcast arrangements.

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