On Facebook: Is it time to review the rule that foreign domestic workers have to reside at the homes of their direct employers during their employment?


All foreign domestic workers should be allowed to live on their own. What the maid agencies or the authorities could do is set up dormitories for them. The workers could then report for work at 8am, finish at 5pm or 6pm and head back to the dorm. This way, there might be less abuse.

Farook Maricar

Whatever you want to do, you have to take into account that an employer’s home provides safety and protection from unwanted influences for the maids, especially those who are young and not street-wise.

Benny Nasirelli

Might as well hire a part-time helper, then.

Diana Dee

It is workable only if the maids are under the direct employment of maid agencies, and their services are provided on a contract-for-service basis. The maid agency would be responsible for the cost of housing, medical expenses and compulsory fees for maids under its employment.

Au Kah Kay

As long as the helpers are properly fed and their basic needs are taken care of, they do not need to reside outside of their employer’s home, which offers a sense of security. Who will bear responsibility if something happens to them at a dormitory?

Zulaikah Beevi

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