No, Al Michaels Is Not Retiring Just Yet

Al Michaels shut down the retirement rumors as the 2022 Super Bowl emerged as the probable final game. He has been one of the most popular voices in football. Al and Cris are preparing to call Super Bowl 56 between Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams. 

There are several rumors that this might be his final time calling a football game. Michaels’ contract with NBC is ending, but he has never expressed his future intentions. People thought that he would retire from the industry for good as he is 77 years. 

Al shut down the rumors of the retirement and hinted that he wants to continue working for at least a year. He appeared on The Pat McAfee Show, where he denied the possible retirement speculation, reports Sports Casting

Al gave a simple answer, where he revealed that he wanted to enjoy this season and not be distracted by anything. He is still trying to do his best, and he does not want to step away. 

Is Al Michaels Leaving NBC Network?

Al Michaels confirmed the news of Super Bowl 56 being his last game for NBC Network. However, he did confirm that it is not the last game that he calls in his career. 

Michaels is leaving NBC as his contract is going to expire following the 2022 Super Bowl. It does not seem like NBC will retain him as both ESPN and Amazon have expressed an interest in the sportscaster. 

Where Is Al Michaels Going?

Both Amazon and ESPN are looking forward to Al Michaels’ services. He will have to decide where he wants to work in 2022. He is rumored to be heading to Amazon Prime and call “Thursday Night Football” for the 2022 season, reports Sporting News.

Nothing happened to Al as he is in good health and still wants to work. His next contract could land him $11 million annually from Amazon for Thursday Night Football.