Who Was Amir Locke? Shot To Death News

Amir was a 22-years-old black man who got shot and killed by a Minneapolis police officer. The case is taking a new side after more than thirty hours of the incident. 

As per the report, Locke was armed; with a gun. On Wednesday, a search party came to his apartment on the 7th floor. 

Amir died at the Bolero Flats Apartment with a fatal shooting wound. Moreover, multiple sources confirmed that Amir was not the target. 

As per his cousin, he was not a violent person and was more into basketball and music. Locke was nicknamed as C-Mo by his beloved ones. 

Amir Locke Minneapolis Police Shooting Bodycam Video On Reddit 

Amir’s shooting case has raged the public again with the involvement of Black Americans. Moreover, social media got flooded with the shooting incident that killed a black man. 

Furthermore, there has been a discussion among Reddit users who expressed their different opinion towards the case. However, there was no video footage available on Reddit. 

Regardless, they have mentioned the video footage, which was shown to his family first. Even so, the people over Reddit demanded to release the full video soon.

Is Amir Locke On Wikipedia?

No, Amir is not on Wikipedia, neither does he seem to have any criminal record. As confirmed by multiple sources, he did not look like he was the target for the investigation search. 

Not many details have been available about Locke. However, his cousin described him as a calm-natured person who was very close with him. 

Amir’s sudden death has devastated his cousin and the family members. They are waiting for the case to be fair and justice to get served. 

A young black boy lost his life in his own apartment. Minneapolis department has been looking over the case for now.