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Carrie Christian is a Healthcare executive who partook in the 38th period of the Jeopardy game hung on Febraury 14. On the off chance that she had dominated the match she would go into the following round yet, she lost the game.

Carrie had been at the center of attention because of her appearance in the show.

New Jeopardy Contestant Carrie Christian Participates In The New Game But Who Is She? The New Jeopardy contender, Carrie Christian, is a Healthcare overseer and, she took an interest in the New Game held against Dave Rapp and Hung Pham. During the demonstration of Jeopardy, she was inquired as to whether she has brought her rabbit’s foot.

She said OK and, her rabbit’s foot was the marked photograph of Ken Jennings and Alex Trebek and, she got it when she composed a fan letter to Ken Jennings when she was a teen in 2004 as a feature of her English task.

Ken read her letter and was moved by it thus, he sent a marked photograph alongside a message in the photograph, that read Carrie, much obliged for being a fan. Ken inquired as to whether the four leaf clover had been fortunate to her and, she said it has been as she had the option to be in the show.

The host, Ken Jennings, concurred with her and said, the facts confirm that having the option to partake in the show is hard, and Congratulated her on having the option to be in the show.


Where Could Carrie Christian From be? Carrie Christian is from Rockledge, Florida, and is functioning as a Health care manager. She was in the line to partake in the show and, her opportunity came in the fourteenth February episode of Jeopardy.

In cycle one of the show, Dave completed leading the pack with $4,400, while Carrie was second with $3,600 and, Hung was last with $600. Likewise, in the second round, Dave was still leading the pack with a runaway of $19,600 and Carrie was still second with $5,200 and, Hung was last with $5,000.

Be that as it may, in the last round, things changed for Carrie as she found some unacceptable solution and lost $5,199 and wrapped up with just $1.00 and turned out to be third.

Carrie Christian Age And Biography Details Explored Carrie Christian is by all accounts in her 20-30s age as her precise birth date is absent. Along these lines, it is difficult to appraise her age. She has gone to the University of Florida.

Carrie doesn’t appear to involve web-based media as she isn’t accessible on any online media stages like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

She is by all accounts a private individual as she hasn’t shared anything connected with her family or relationship.

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