Cris Collinsworth Has A Massive Net Worth Of $20 Million

NFL Broadcaster Cris Collinsworth features a massive net worth of $20 million as per multiple reports.

Cris also owns a glorious land property which he brought way back in 2000.

He and his wife Holly brought this 5-acre property which was located in Kentucky state by the Fort Thomas region.

The family would later transform this bare land area into a mini compound of their savored design comprising of the pool, barn, pool house, and 7000 sq. foot home at the front.

That property, initially bought for $100k now surmise over $2 million in real estate property pricing.

Cris also owns a reputed Pro Football Focus(PFF) monitoring service for teams and sports powerhouse through statistical analysis.

PFF has a massive undisclosed net worth and market value as Silver Lake Partners bought a minority fraction of the overall share for a staggeringly high $50 million.

Apart from all these, Cris updated salary from NFL broadcasting has been at an all-time high at $4 million for each quarter of the year.

NBC Broadcaster Cris Collinsworth’s Salary Of $4 Million Per Season

NBC Broadcaster and PFF owner Cris Collinsworth features a quarterly take-home salary of $4 million from his most recent contract.

His incentives and bonuses value has been on top as well which adds more to his entire add-ons as per the contract clause.

The other business earnings and revenues from his PFF online analysis of NFL and college tier football is yet to be disclosed and added to that prime value. 

Cris Collinsworth’s Career Earnings Explored 

Cris Collinsworth has earned over $2.5-3 million during his time as an NFL player and $2.1 million of that figure came all out from the Bengals team affiliation.

His new deal which will tie his till 2025 will allow him to take home an annual scoop of $12.5 million.