Missing: Who Was Christi Spicuzza Aka Christina? 

Christi Spicuzza aka Christina was an Uber driver. She worked as a driver and disappeared while she was on her way to collect fares.

The family of the missing person shared the information about her via social media on Friday. The members said that Christina was last heard from Thursday.

Spicuzza’s car was found on Saturday morning at the Fourth Street in the Pitcairn, confirmed by the Pitcairn police with the information that was shared by the family.

Shortly afterward, Allegheny County police were reportedly called to the scene of a body found around 500 on Rosecrest Drive around 12 p.m. Saturday.

A friend of the Spicuzza family confirmed to @WTAE that the body found in Monroeville on Saturday afternoon belonged to Christi Spicuzza.

According to the police, Spicuzza’s purse was still in her car and the Uber camera was missing.

The Uber spokesperson sent a statement saying “Our thoughts are with Christi’s family and friends during this difficult time.”

The statement continued “Uber’s safety team has been helping the officers in the investigation 24/7.”

Uber Driver Christi Spicuzza Body Found In Monroeville: Death Cause

Uber driver, Christi Spicuzza’s body was found in Monroeville on, Saturday who went missing for a few days, and death cause is still to be known.

Her body was identified and confirmed by the victims’ family via a social media post shared by Christi’s family.

The Allegheny County homicide detectives are leading the investigation now. The officers were seen surveying the area for hours where the victim’s body was found, examining and gathering the evidence.

Regardless, the cops have not released any information related to the suspect in the driver’s death.

The officers are asking anyone with the information or any kind of details to ring the county tip line. 

Christi Spicuzza Aka Christina Age

Christi Spicuzza aka Christina was 38 years old at the time of her death. She was married and was the mother of four kids.

Christi was the main provider for herself and her family and children. Allison Weiss along with 3 others organized a Christi’s Memorial Fund.

The money raised is going to the expense for Brandon and their four kids and also for the funeral expenses.