Mishel Karen, MAFS Australia Star warned by expert over ‘risky’ OnlyFans act


The OnlyFans website has become the subject of controversies for quite a few months now. A recent event led to an online safety expert alerting artists to reflect on the contents they post online. The news revolves around a video posted by Mishel Karen. Mishel Karen is a contestant of the 7th season of Married at First Sight 2020.

Julie Inman Grant is Australia’s eSafety Commissioner. She informed The Advertiser of users being exposed to downstream risks while using subscription-based adult websites. She pointed out that performers believing their contents to be safe on a subscription-based site is a wrong notion. In reality, their contents are easily downloadable and circulated elsewhere without the creator’s knowledge. Having “premium” content on 3rd party websites for free raises two issues. Firstly it threatens the content creator’s business model. Secondly, it creates problems for retiring adult artists.

Julie Inman Grant further warns the to-be, intimate content creators, to be aware of existing downstream risks. Furthermore, she adds that if one shares their adult content, it is difficult to control its distribution, whether it’s paid or free.

Moreover, Julie Inman Grant says “This can occur on a small scale with subscribers sharing pictures, screenshots, or videos with companions who have not paid the creator for them. Or it can occur on a larger scale. This broader distribution undermines the business model of the creator-who is going to pay for something they can get for free without paying any charges?”

The London-based website states that it “works tirelessly to identify and flag up copyright issues and request to remove the copyrighted content… as quickly as possible.” However, the issues relating to leakage of paid content haven’t been resolved yet.

Mishel Karen posts hardcore acts on her OnlyF profile unlike most of her contemporaries. Last year one of her self-pleasure videos got leaked on Facebook. Hence, she has been a victim of online piracy.

The 51-year-old mother of the two and grandmother of one tested positive for covid-19 recently.

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