Mikey Lillis Cause of Death And Autopsy- What Exactly Happened To The US Skier?


Mikey Lillis died in his sleep on one fine Saturday morning of 2017. Detail on his death is incorporated below.

Michael Lillis was seventeen years old freestyle skier from East Rochester, died in his residence while sleeping. Everyone was devasted with his passing including his friends and coach.

On the U.S.Ski Team website, Lillis was described as “a rising star in America’s elite snowboarder aerial development program.” His parents found him unresponsive that Saturday.

Learn Mikey Lillis Cause of Death And Autopsy

Jon and Chris seemed cannot move on with what had happened to their brother. Their father, Bernie said, Mikey has talked excitedly about his time at the Olympic Training Center, how he had his entire winter of competitions and fantasy football planned out.

Mother of Mikey, went to wake him up that day when she found Mikey laid in his bed in the way he always slept, with one loose fist tucked against his jawline, propping up his chin. 

She soon realized that her son had died. The family member didn’t know what exactly killed Mikey but, they have been told it was probably a heart arrhythmia, but the autopsy reports came back inconclusive.

The brothers still wish he was alive and fulfilled his dreams. It is obvious how a family member could remain in the heart of loved ones though they passed away.

What Happened To Chris Lillis Brother Michael?

Michael had two brothers Jon Lillis and Chris Lillis. They thought Michael was a big part of the equation: a rising star in the U.S. Ski & Snowboard’s Elite Aerial Development Program in Lake Placid, New York, perhaps even the gifted of them.

Jon said, “He’s just a cool little dude.” “I think he could be better than both of us, not too long from now.” Jon and Chris both couldn’t wait for Mikey to graduate to the FIS world cup circuit.

They, the daring trio could test their twists and somersaults against the best in the world there. Unfortunately, Chris’s brother Micheal passed away during his sleep making their dream incomplete.

How Did Mikey Lillis Die?

Mikey Lillis was at the family home in East Rochester, New York having a break between pre-season training camps. He died in his sleep. The exact reason for his death has not been mentioned.

There could be various reasons for a person to die during sleep like out of the cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, sudden unexplained nocturnal death syndrome, carbon monoxide poisoning, etc.

Jon and Chris received the news at U.S. Ski & Snowboard’s pre-season aerials camp in Saas-Fee, Switzerland, and immediately left for Zurich Airport to fly home and join their family in upstate New York.

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