Michael Jackson Impersonator Fights A Guy In Las Vegas « CmaTrends


A Michael Jackson impersonator got the best of a dude on the mean streets of Las Vegas, and … well, it’s hilarious!

There’s not a whole lot of info on what’s behind the fight, but it went down on Freemont Street.

The fight looks almost slapstick … MJ and the dude squaring off with fists raised, and then they tangle.

Michael’s ground game is far superior to the guy in green, and he eventually gets the guy in a headlock and begins to squeeze. At a point, it’s not funny anymore, and it looks like the guy might lose consciousness. Some passersby disentangle the 2 and no one seems worse for wear.

We don’t know what started the fight, but the shirt on the guy in green reads, “CAN’T FIX STUPID.”

It’s the most entertaining lookalike fight since SpongeBob squared off with 2 women.

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