Meet Thai actor Yorch Yongshin, Leo & more


Trainee A reportedly has a new member aka the seventh member of the group and fans are eager to know if it means, the group will debut soon. Prior to the group’s much-anticipated debut, meet all Trainee A members revealed so far including Leo, Thai Actor Yorch Yongshin, Sangwon, James and more.

Reportedly a Big Hit Music group, Trainee A members are making regular buzz on social media with their on-point choreography covers of groups like Enhypen, daily logs and more.

While HYBE or Big Hit Music never introduced Trainee A as a pre-debut group, netizens found the mysterious groups practicing in the old HYBE building practicing room and since then, the speculations about the group’s debut have made many rounds on the internet.

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Trainee A member James talking about debut (Trainee A YouTube0

Who are Trainee A members?

The mysterious Trainee A group has been consistently revealing new members. The group which has its own YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Soundcloud is reportedly an HYBE/ Big Hit Music group.

Many renowned HYBE producers like Slow Rabbit, Pdogg, Hiss Noise, and FRANTS follow the group in social media, Koreaboo reported.

Moreover, Trainee A has seen uploading covers of a number of hit tracks from old Big Hit practice room.

So far, Trainee A has revealed seven members Sangwon, James, Leo, Jihoon, JJ, Woochan and latest being Thai actor Yorch Yongshin.

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Trainee A members names revealed: Meet the new group in making

Trainee A members have been pretty popular as their TikToks and YouTube videos garner over 100k views, Instagram crossing over 834k followers and more.

According to the group’s Instagram post, member Woochan recently celebrated his birthday witht the members.

In his birthday post, Woochan wrote on Instagram, “Thank you so much to everyone who congratulated me on my birthday. To be loved by so many people on my 18th birthday…😭 I don’t think I’ll ever forget this day!!!”

He added, “I didn’t even know it was my birthday because it was the group song submission date. Trainee A members I was really surprised that you prepared a surprise party for me! Sangwon hyung who congratulated me on my birthday, Leo hyung (don’t get sick), James, JJ, Jihoon, and finally Yochi hyung!! Thank you all so much!”

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Meet the members

Yorch Yongshin

Yorch Yongshin is revealed to be the seventh member of Trainee A. According to IMDb, the 19-year-old Thai actor has starred in films like ’15+ IQ Krachoot’ (15+ Coming of Age) (2017) and ‘Pramook’ (2019).

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According to Kprofiles, Woochan aka Jo Woo Chan is 17 years old. He has previously appeared in ‘Show Me The Money’ where he was a semi finalist.

Woochan has appeared in a number of Trainee A logs. In a recent log, he said, ‘I have been practicing since before the Trainee A log but I didn’t appear in the Trainee A videos.”

He added, ‘I have already been on a TV show but I wanted to show how much I have changed and grown. I wanted to show a different side of me.”

As he wanted to practice more, he didn’t want to be shown early. Check his log below.

woochan trainee A member (Trainee A YouTube)


Leo, the 20-year-old Trainee A member has reportedly starred in BTS’ ‘Permission To Dance’ music video.

The Australian member has garnered over 500k views on his composed song ‘Move On.’ Check the song below.

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Sangwon, the 19-years-old K-pop Trainee A member is pretty popular in social media. His logs about his daily routine, dance practice and more clocked over 100k views.

According to Kprofiles, Sangwon went on a trip to Brunei with Enhypen’s Jay and Heeseung in 2019 when they were all Big Hit trainees. Check the member’s log below.

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According to James Log, the 17-year-old Trainee A member can speak Thai, Chinese, Korean, English and a little bit of Japanese.

In his recent Christmas log, the member talked about being lonely during the holiday season as other members were visiting families while he was practicing.

James is an ice hockey player, plus he was a Taekwondo athlete.


Jihoon has been training since 2020. The 16-year-old K-pop Trainee A star can play guitar. He was the runner up in WINNER’s “REALLY REALLY” Dance Cover Contest. In a Trainee A video, member JJ said that, Johoon is the maknae.


The incredible dancer JJ is from Japan. According to Kprofiles, he is Half Japanese and Half American. He has previously appeared in ‘Amezari Red Star.’ Check JJ’s dancing charisma below.

When is Trainee A debuting?

Trainee A members have recently started a series called ‘Can We Debut [A Road]’ where they document various photoshoots and more before their anticipated debut. According to media reports, Trainee A will likely debut in 2022 itself but nothing certain has been announced officially by HYBE.

Check the series below.

In other news, Trainee A members’ names: Meet Thai actor Yorch Yongshin, Leo & more

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