Big Brother: Who Is Layla Subritzky Partner James?

Big Brother: Back To The Future contestant Layla Subritzky fans came to know about her Maori boyfriend James via her Instagram.

James belongs to an indigenous tribe called Maori and, the culture sets him apart as his face is covered with signature tattoos that represent Maori culture. 

Further, according to a post by Layla on April 2021, she revealed that James educates about the Maori culture through leadership and friendship.

Besides that, despite being the partner of an Internet-friendly person, James’s reach is limited to his girlfriend’s post. 

Age Difference Between The Pair

Born on 27 March 1988 in Rockingham, England, 33-year-old Layla rose to prominence after standing 1strunner up in season 9 of Big Brother Australia. 

On the other hand, though James’s age is still confidential, he seems to be in his mid-30s.

Hence, there must be an age gap of no more than a couple of years between Layla and James. 

James barely has access to social media, hindering the process of exploring his life beyond his pictures on Layla’s account.

Find Layla Subritzky On Instagram

With a whooping count of 53.3k followers, Layla is present on Instagram under the username @laylasubritzky with a verified account. 

The TV personality loves to flex her portraits, family, friends, and partner, James, via her social handle. 

Further, Layla is seen showing praise-worthy behavior for supporting her partner in promoting and educating about their Maori culture. 

On the contrary, her partner James isn’t available on any social networking sites.