Meet Lark Distilling CEO Geoff Bainbridge Who Eventually Resigned After Explicit Video Surfaced Online


Geoff Bainbridge, the CEO of Lark Distilling, is unavailable on Wikipedia. However, Bloomberg has some background information on him. 

The reputation of Geoff Bainbridge, a well-known face in the alcohol industry, has been trending online and in news headlines after an explicit video of him goes viral. 

He was seen wearing only his undies, smoking ice from a glass pipe, and rambling in a drug-induced haze. Let’s find out more about the marketing director who has been a victim of public humiliation and shame for six years. 

Meet Lark Distilling CEO Geoff Bainbridge On Wikipedia

Lark Distilling CEO Geoff Bainbridge is not available on Wikipedia. However, there is some information about him on Bloomberg. 

He was a managing director for Australian Whiskey Holding PVT Ltd from 2019-to 2020. In May 2020, he joined Lark Distillery as a managing director. 

Previously, he has been a director and stakeholder of Pizza Religion, London-based men’s accessories firm The Brand Stable, and US online headwear retailer Hat Club.

In 1999, he was tasked with establishing the first multinational brewery in India. He was 27 years old and was working for beer manufacturer Foster’s Group. 

According to the Financial Review, he learned about making decisions handling conflicts, which helped him grow his carer. 

He also co-owned Grill’d hamburger chain with Simon Cowe. However, the two partners eventually fell out. Thus, they had a legal battle that settled in 2017. Since then, Bainbridge has had full ownership of the company. 

Geoff Bainbridge Resignation After Explicit Video Surfaces Online

After an explicit video surfaced online, Geoff Bainbridge has resigned from his position at Lark Distiller. The Australian newspaper obtained the video. 

He appears to have videotaped himself consuming methamphetamine while performing a sexual act in the video. He was smoking methamphetamine pipe and rumbling something under its effect. 

Soon after the video went public, he resigned from the company. The board said that he had left because of his personal matters. Nevertheless, the incident took place years before he joined the company. 

However, it has been haunting him all these years. Following his resignation news, he decided to comment on the matter. He said that he found him in a strange situation following the next morning of the incident. 

He saw two strange men who threatened him with his video. He claims that they are overseas people who have threatened him to expose the video and destroy his reputation. 

Thus, throughout the period, he had already given them ransome. As per news sources, he has already paid around $12,000 in the hope of getting back the video. 

Geoff Bainbridge Is A Multimillionaire- His Net Worth Explored

Geoff Bainbridge has a net worth in millions. However, the exact details of his fortune are yet to be revealed.  

He owns a company named Grill’d and had been laying the role of MD for Lark Distillery. Before that, he was also assigned to major positions in other companies, which probably brought him a good amount of income. 

Who Is Geoff Bainbridge Wife?

Geoff Bainbridge’s wife has not appeared on media yet. In addition, the sexually explicit video of the CEO is claimed to be fake materials as per his lawyers. 

However, he said that he is worried about his four children, who will be affected by the ongoing scandal of their father. The personal details of the family remain unknown. 

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