Meet Charlotte Maggi From Rebel Moon? His Age Wiki And Parents Details


Zack Snyder directed Rebel Moon introduces Charlotte Maggi as a new face in the cast. Learn about her and her parents in the article below. 

Earlier this week, Rebel Moon announced it’s full cast. While the movie incorporates many known faces like Jena Malone, Charlie Hunnam, Sofia Boutella, and Djimon Hounsou, some newbies like Charlotte Maggi and Sky Yang will also show their charm.  

Though Charlotte is not a brand new actress in the industry, she sure is for a larger audience. Her first known appearance on the big screen was through the 2022 TV series MaveriX, where she portrayed the role of Angelique.  

Now that the demand to learn about the actress has grown, here are a few particulars that might satisfy you, to some extent.  

Who Is Rebel Moon Actress?

Charlotte Maggi is an Australian actress and a new face for the big screen in the American Film Industry.

Since there is a single credit on her name on IMDb, she sure must be an amateur actor.

However, Rebel Moon seems like a good start for her that might become fruitful to kick off her career in the upcoming days. 

Charlotte Maggi Age Revealed

Charlotte basically looks like a teen actor. Based on her appearance, she must be below 20. 

Young Charlotte, with long brunette hair and deep blue eyes, looks impeccably beautiful on the pictures available on the Internet.

Though there are no details on where she was born, whatever data is available on the web suggests she must be Australian-native. 

How Tall Is She? Charlotte Maggi Height 

She has to be above 5 feet 7 inches based on her shots. Although, any authentic measurements are out of reach at the time. 

The student of Iona Presentation College, WA, Australia, Charlotte must be a high school graduate.

Charlotte Maggi Wikipedia

Charlotte has a long way ahead before making place on Wikipedia.

Nonetheless, short info and, credits for the projects she has done are available on IMDb. 

Likewise, her accessibility on social media comes in handy for those who want to follow her to track her online. With a couple of hundreds of followers, she remains active under the username @charlottemaggi_ on Instagram.

Who Are Her Parents?

There are no details of her parents at the time. 

She has neither talked about them nor has introduced them in front of the camera. 

Hopefully, her augmenting fame will bring them out anytime soon. 

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