Matt Stafford Plays Down Retirement Rumors-Details Explored

Matt Stafford the quarterback for Los Angeles Rams won’t be looking forward to ending his career short as he recently shoved away all the backtracking early retirement rumors.

Matt has been indexed in the NFL official injured players list as he has severed his hand and fingers in multiple events and games.

Matt also succumbed to a finger injury in training with LA Rams when his hand hit the defending player in the drill.

Although he left that training session early after halting his drills following the crash, the coach stated that Matt was able to grip the towel and his stuff after the session, hinting at no major injury case in that scenario.

He severed his thumb in the process and the throw and grip problems were sure to develop if any major mishap have had happened.

Similarly, Matt’s career has been fused with many hand injuries, throwing arms tackles that severed his flexibility.

He also had some major injuries to his elbow and ankle that hindered his proper movement.

The injuries added up to his workloads and thus fans were speculating if their favorite star would retire early to escape the injury stress in his playing career.

With a major win to his name, Matt has shut those rumors pretty solid and good.

QB Matt Stafford Is Not Retiring Amid Injury And Surgery

Matt Stafford who underwent a major surgical process for his severed ankles and throwing arm injuries has stated properly that he won’t be letting minor and major injuries hinder his playing career.

The LA Rams quarterback also stated that he is not looking forward to retiring this early in his career and has a lot to accomplish himself and as a team.

Matt Stafford’s Family Details Surfed Through

Matt Stafford was born on February 7, 1988, in the Tampa region of Florida.

He was born to his father John and his loving mother Margaret Stafford.

He also has a younger sister Page as his other family member and the small family of four moved to Texas where Matt was initially coached by Randy Allen.