Many Suspect Sadiq Khan Brother Is In Met Police, Fears Over Possible Nepotism


Is Sadiq Khan Brother In Met Police? Find out the truth whether it is true or not.

Sadiq Khan is a British politician serving as the mayor of London since 2016. Previously he was a Member of Parliament (MP) for tooting from 2005 to 2016.

He is also a member of the labor party and is one of the party’s soft left, and had been a socio-democrat.

The mayor has also worked as a solicitor specializing in human rights issues and chaired the liberty advocacy group for three years.

Before being elected for MP in Tooting at the 2005 general election, he worked for the London Borough of Wandsworth from 1994 to 2006. He was openly critical of several policies of Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair, including the 2003 invasions of Iraq and new anti-terror legislation.

Fact Check: Is Sadiq Khan Brother In Met Police?

The brother of the mayor is not in the met police. However, a senior officer in Met Police admits that racism remains a problem in the police.

Sadiq Khan pledges to end the toxic culture in Met Police and vows to oppose whoever fails to understand deep problems at the police force.

Three days after his intervention, Cressida Dick was forced to resign. Khan made an absolute clear decision to appoint someone who fits the position and who can guarantee the end of toxicity in Met Police.

Sadiq Khan: Fears Over Nepotism and Racism Scandal

Sadiq Khan fears that there is nepotism and racism in Met Police.

The culture of the London Metropolitan Police has come under scrutiny with the commissioner Dame Cressida Dick after she resigned from the post after the London mayor said he was not satisfied with the culture going on in the Met Police.

Among his concerns was the rape and murder of Sarah Everard by a serving officer last year.

There were also messages shared among the officers against women that were highly sexualized, violent, and discriminatory against women, ethnic minorities, LGBT people, and disabled people. 

All these things concerned the mayor and have taken the oath to take strict action.

Sadiq Khan Parents And Family

Sadiq was born to a British-Pakistani family. His father’s name is Amanullah Khan and his mother’s name is Sehrun Khan. They had immigrated from Pakistan to London in 1968.

The politician has seven siblings, six of them are his brothers and one is his sister. He is the fifth child.

Khan is a Muslim who practices fast during Ramadan and regularly attends Al-Muzzamil Mosque in Tooting.

The mayor had married his fellow solicitor, Sasdiya Ahmed in 1994. He has two daughters and both of them were raised in the Islamic faith. He is a supporter of Liverpool FC.

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