Mancini in this lawsuit must win the Euro. Fans are excited about the style of the Italian coach – 12/12/2021

Fans loved the Italian style and left many enthusiastic responses on Twitter.

Note that the costumes of the Italian national team for Euro 2020 – gray-blue top and black bottom – a tribute to the famous coach Enzo Bearzot, under whose leadership the national team won the 1982 World Cup.

Authentic Pages: First half winner – the suit of Roberto Mancini of Armani.

Nick Judd: Bocelli. Remote control car. The noise of the fans. Mancini costume. Euro 2020 is already amazing. “

Jack Daniel-Dempsey: “Mancini in this suit. Cancel everything – this combination has to win the euro. “

The Bag Race: “If there was a competition for the most dressed coach of Euro 2020, then Roberto Mancini would have already won it.”

Amanda Berragain: “I want a Mancini suit.”

What do you think?

Written by Techbondhu

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