Little Bay Sydney Shark Attack Victim Identified As Simon Nellist, Detail On His Family and Personal Life


Simon Nellist got identified as the Little Bay Sydney Shark attack victim. Was he married?

Nellist passed away on Wednesday afternoon, February 16, 2022, after being attacked by a great white shark at Little Bay, Sydney. This is Sydney’s first fatal attack in 60 years. He was training for an ocean swim when he tragically passed away. 

Simon was an ocean love and an experienced dive instructor. He was training for a charity ocean swim this weekend when he got attacked by a four-meter-long shark from below. The charity event has since been canceled. 

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Who Was Simon Nellist? Little Bay Sydney Shark Attack Victim Identified

Simon Nellist was a British dive instructor, who had been training for an ocean swim and was killed by a four-meter-and-a half-great white shark at the Little Bay Beach in Sydney’s east on Wednesday afternoon, reports Daily Mail.

Nellist’s remains were discovered in the water about an hour later. He was an experienced ocean swimmer and loved adventures. He loved the ocean so much that everything which is connected to him is connected to the ocean.

Simon’s age was 35 years, during the time of his death. 

One of the witnesses described the incident and said that the shark attacked him vertically and landed like a car in the water. There was a huge panic on the shore after the shark pounced on the victim and turned the ocean red with blood. 

The animal welfare advocate has claimed that the animal responsible for the attack might have mistaken Simon for a helpless seal. The feral attack is considered extremely rare.

Simon Nellist Wife: Was He Married?

Simon Nellist was about to get married to his long-time partner. He was living with his wife-to-be in Sydney before the tragic incident took his life.


According to 7 News, Nellist loved the ocean and had a great devotion for water. 

The horrifying attack took place around 150 meters away from the main beach, where several rock fishermen, swimmers, and paddleboarders were present. 

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Simon Nellist Family Details Revealed

Simon Nellist’s family lives in the UK. He is remembered as a man who was loved and adored by those around him.

The news of Simon’s death left his family and close friend devastated. The authorities are not planning to kill the great white but will chase it away from the mainland. 

It is unusual to see a great white attack any human in that manner.

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