Lil Wop Former Gucci Mane Artist Comes Out As Bisexual


The popular Chicago-based rapper Lil Wop revealed that he is bisexual. Yes, the 22-year-old recently took to Instagram to make the revelation. On Sunday, February 13, 2022, Lil Wop shared a picture of himself on IG where he was seen in pigtails and showing off his midriff. The rapper added a caption that reads “I’m bisexual I like guys and girls, it’s WE.” Ever since Wop came out as bisexual, he has been receiving a positive response from his fans on social media while gaining attention as well. Let us explore who is Lil Wop in this article.

Fans are appreciating the confidence of the Chicago rapper by posting appreciative tweets on Twitter and other social media platforms. One user wrote that they have mad respect for him as it takes courage to declare one’s sexuality on a public platform. Whereas some other users are claiming that Lil Wop’s Instagram has been hacked and the post was not uploaded by the rapper but the hacker instead. However, it is not clear if those claims are right as it does not seem like that. Nevertheless, the young rap artist is gaining all the attention from his fans and the general public as well.

Who is Lil Wop?

The 22-year-old artist was born on October 17, 1995, in Chicago. Apart from being known as Lil Wop, he is known as “The Wopster” too. After the release of his hit track “Lost My Mind”, Wop became a familiar name in the music industry. Initially, Lil Wop was a big fan of the American rapper Gucci Mane. In Just a year, he became his newest protege. In the music industry, Wop has been active since 2016 and with his hard rock mentality and Midwest drawl, he has managed to bring out a niche.


Lil Wop went on to release three instalments of the Wopavelli series and a mixtape under the title “Wake N Wake”. Through Alamo Records in 2-17, Wop was signed by Gucci Mane to his label 1017 Eskimos. The rapper had shared that he had discovered Gucci’s music when he was hanging out with his older cousins. In an interview, Wop had stated that he grew up hearing Gucci Mane’s songs and has spent most of his life around older people. Besides loving Gucci’s music, Wop also considered the latter as his role model as he had tattooed the rapper’s face with ice cream tattooed in his face.

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