Kim Yeontan in Taehyung’s IG story is the ‘best thing on Internet this week’


Kim Yeontan has made a ‘comeback’ to Kim Taehyung‘s Instagram and it is the best thing on the Internet you’d see this week!

After knowing about Kim Yeontan’s health condition from BTS V in GQ Korea special feature, the special bond between Taehyung and Yeontan is making fans more emotional.

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Kim Yeontan in Kim Taehyung’s story update (@THV Instagram)

Kim Yeontan’s comeback at BTS V’s Instagram story update is the best thing on Internet this week

BTS V updated his Instagram story with a heart-melting clip of his pet Pomeranian dog. Taehyung being Taehyung, adorably captioned the story mentioning ‘Kim Yeontan and Kim Taehyung.’

‘Streetlights’ by C. James and ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis played in the background. Check the cute video below.

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Kim Yeontan and Kim Taehyung have the ‘most precious bond’ says BTS V fans

Ever since BTS V fans have got to know about Kim Yeontan’s concerning medical condition, every interaction between Tannie and Tahyung feels more valuable to BTS ARMY.

In the special GQ Korea BTS Edition, V shared in his individual interview that Tan (Yeontan) has had a hard life. He gushed, “Tan-Yi worked hard. Tan’s health has been very poor since birth. Because (his) airway is small, he can’t breathe well. If he runs just a little bit, he faints and for that, he had two surgeries this year, but both times surgeries failed…”

His message for Kim Yeontan read, “I want to write to Tan, thank you so much for persevering, enduring the pain, and staying alive even though it must have been hard for you. I hope we can make more fun memories together for the rest of our lives, and I want to see grown-up Tan.”

BTS V and Kim Yeontan in V’s IG story update (@THV Instagram)

Speaking of how precious BTS V and Yeontan’s bond is, a fan wrote, “Taehyung and Yeontan have the most precious bond in the world!”

A second fan echoed, “Kim Taehyung and Kim Yeontan together is the best thing on Internet this week!”

A third fan’s emo tweet read, “I just wish that Yeontan and Taehyung get to make a lot of beautiful memories together for a very long time. they deserve to love each other for a long time!”

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i just wish that yeontan and taehyung get to make a lot of beautiful memories together for a very long time. they deserve to love each other for a long time ˖<3๑

— ⁻²⁴⁸° (@starswithtae) January 14, 2022

Kim Taehyung even being on hiatus before their grand comeback in 2022, has not stopped making headlines or writing new music history for Korean Original Soundtrack-scape.

The singer’s latest OST release ‘Christmas Tree‘ recently charted on Billboard’s Hot 100 at 79 making it the first-ever Korean OST to rank.

Stream ‘Christmas Tree’ below and share with us, your favorite Kim Yeontan x Kim Taehyung moment @HITCculture.

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