Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg React to Tiktok Stars the Island Boys “Two Goofballs in a Pool”


On being left speechless by the rap duo, the Grammy-winning rapper Snoop Dogg called The Island Boys “two goofballs in a pool.”

Snoop and Kevin React To Tiktok Stars The Island Boys

In order to bid goodbye to 2021, the legendary rappers Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart hosted a Peacock special titled 2021 and Done. The show premiered on December 28th, 2021 on a subscription service.

The hosts reacted to the contents of many viral creators and other things happening throughout the year. However, the Island Boys’ Tiktookay grabbed their attention. The video portrayed their upcoming song, inspired by the Cuban Heritage. It was their first official music video.

As soon as the rappers started watching the Tiktok video, the rapper placed his palm on his head and let out a sigh. On the other hand, Kevin Hart started laughing at the segment.

“I’m speechless. They are just two fools in a pool,” said Snoop after watching the video. Kevin Hart replied to Snoop’s comment, “Do you know why I’m not speechless? Cause I’m an island boy.”

As both of them began laughing at the rapper’s comment, Kevin Hart asked his co-host, ““What is happening here?” to which Snoop Dogg replied: “I don’t know, and I’m not trying to understand it.”

Kodiyakredd, the TikTookay star jokingly posted a story on Instagram “@snoopdogg you jealous cus you not us.”

He took down the post shortly thereafter.

Kevin Hart and Snoop DoggInstagram/Kodiyakredd

Who are The Island Boys?

The twin rappers from Florida rose to their new found fame after their latest Tiktok video. Their onscreen names are Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja. In real life, Kodiyakredd’s name is Franky, and Flyysoulja’s is Alex.

Their Tiktok video showing them in freestyle together in a swimming pool started making rounds on social media. Moreover, other TikTok artists have duetted the video and it has reached an engagement of 200k likes.

Flyysoulja has a fan following of 200k followers on Instagram and Kodiyakredd has 1m followers. They even have a Youtube channel by the name of ‘Big Bag Ent,’ having more than 84,000 subscribers. There has been an increase of over 50,000 subscribers in November 2021 since their content started flooding social media.

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