U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., joined “Fox News Primetime” Tuesday sounding off on Attorney General Merrick Garland’s position in “directing” the FBI’s involvement in class boards to “intimidate” mother and father. 


JOSH HAWLEY: Well, I believe we have discovered loads because the House questioning, and we had him saying below oath that the letter was the important thing facet in getting the FBI concerned. Now we all know that the National School Boards Association says it should not have despatched the letter. We additionally see in states all around the nation, together with Missouri, my dwelling state, faculty boards are leaving the National School Board Association. They’re saying, “We don’t want to be part of this. They don’t speak for us. We don’t think parents are domestic terrorists.” 

So we will want to listen to from the AG why it’s that the School Board Association says we repudiate the letter, should not have despatched it. And but he has achieved nothing to withdraw the memo, to alter the memo. He’s nonetheless directing the FBI to get entangled in native faculty boards. That’s simply incorrect. 

It additionally goes to point out you, that there is a whole lot of collusion there between this faculty boards affiliation on the nationwide degree and the Biden administration. And we all know now as a result of we have gotten emails from it that the Biden administration and the School Board Association, talked collectively earlier than that letter got here out. They labored on this collectively. It’s mainly this curiosity group drove this coverage, obtained the FBI concerned in class board conferences and why? To intimidate mother and father. Garland should be 100% ashamed about that. It’s actually disgraceful, and he’ll must reply for it tomorrow. 


Josh Hawley slams Merrick Garland for ‘weaponizing’ the FBI against parentsVideo