Evesham Rugby: Jack Jeffery Death By Injury

Jack Jeffery lost his life to an injury caused during a senior league game on Saturday which was against Berkswell and Balsall. He tried to score during a match and he got injured but nobody really thought that wound could be so bad. He lost his life while doing what he loved the most and that is playing rugby.

Evesham Rugby Club raised a flag in respect and honor to Jack and his contribution to the rugby world. While everyone is expressing their sadness, the club’s website said that he was adding another try to his phenomenal record. He would return from his hometown often and was the major part of the club activities. 

Many people on Twitter and other social media platforms are putting out condolence messages and expressing their grief. 

Jack Jeffery Age And Wiki

Jack Jeffery’s age was 32 years old and he was born on August 13, 1989. As per his birth date, his zodiac sign was Leo, and just like a true one, he was loyal, fun, lively, and extremely honest. 

Not only his star sign but the tweets offering him prayers also talk about genuine he was as a person and today the world lost a gem. A true diamond not only for the sports world but also for humankind. 

Jack started his career in the year 2004 when he was studying at West Ham United. His teammate there called him JJ and he regularly was present in almost all the under 18 matches during his time at West Ham.

Now, since 2015, he was a striker at Chatham Town. Even though the journey of this athlete has been over but he will live forever in the memories of his near and dear ones. 

Jack Jeffery Family On Instagram

Jack Jeffery’s father Glenn broke the news on Twitter that he was extremely sad to announce that he lost his beloved son. He further described that his little one was the most generous and beautiful soul and lucky are the ones who got a chance to witness it.

All the people on social media are offering condolences to his family members and are hoping that they get the strength to cope with the loss.