Isaac Eames Obituary Syracuse NY: Is He Dead? 

As soon as the news of Isaac Eames, a County sheriff’s deputy who shot his son, the news began to cover the media headline and people are eager to know if Isaac is dead or alive. 

Isacc is dead, and according to the sources, he first gunned his son, wife, family dog, and lastly himself. However, Issac’s wife Karen is critical at Upstate University Hospital. 

On the other hand, the young victim, Troy Eames, died at the hospital on Monday afternoon. The tragic news has made everyone shocked. Besides, Troy was a very elegant and hardworking person. 

Moreover, he also functioned as a Helping Hands Associate at the Wegmans on Route 31 in Clay. Additionally, Troy’s sweetheart Audra Grandy shared the obituary on her Facebook page where she remembered Troy and felt blessed to have him in her life. 

In addition to this, Troy was survived by his older brother, Andrew Eames, who was not present at the shooting.

Son Killer Isaac Eames Age

Isaac Eames is famous as a son killer. Besides, many people are asking about Isaac’s age, who was an Onondaga County Sheriff. Further, the deputy, Issac, was 48 years after his death. 

After the shooting incident, police stop the crowd from coming near the crime spot, and officers have also blocked the Riverview way between Ethel roads and Black Creek.

Similalry, the incident was conveyed to the police by an older adult who is 46 years old, at Riverview Road 4410 at 7:30 AM. As we speak, Deputy Issac Eames was found dead at the spot and further called two more ambulances when they got to know about other victims of the incident.

Who Is Isaac Eames Wife?

Isaac Eames’s wife is Karen Eames, the only survivor of the attack. There are not many details about the pair’s marital status as the Eames family only rocketed to fame after the shooting incident. 

Karen’s son Troy and the family dog were the victims of the murder; however, Karen is still in a critical situation at the hospital. Not to mention, Eames fired 8 shots altogether.