Is Zion Foster Found Dead? Missing Update Today – Is Her Cousin A Suspect?


It’s been more than a month since Zion Foster’s missing case was filed. Besides, Zion is very entertaining and has multiple singing and dancing talents. Is she found dead? Learn more. 

Zion Foster has become even more mysterious as it has been more than a month since Zion’s disappearance case was reported. Similalry, it’s been a long since Zion’s mother, Ciera Milton, saw her 17-year-old daughter, Zion Foster.

Likewise, being the eldest of six children, Zion is constantly carrying out the responsibilities of her siblings, her family, and her loved ones. Additionally, Zion helps out with a lot of things and encourages people.

Moreover, Zion’s mother said that her daughter was picked up by a cousin, Jaylin Brazier, to have a party at home on Detroit’s west side, which was something they usually did. 

Is Zion Foster Found Dead? 

If you are a social media user, you must have heard the news of Zion Foster’s missing case. Her mother last saw Seventeen-year-old Zion on Jan. 4, 2022. 

Besides, the case is continued even, and investigation is going on. However, authorities haven’t yet found Zion. Well, lots of people are questioning and tweeting about Zion being found dead. 

Further, Jaylin has confessed to killing Zionand putting her on the truck, and shortly he threw in the dumpsters. Similarly, Jaylin Brazier was in an Eastpointe court, arrested for fibbing to the police – after he was canvassed about Zion’s disappearance. 

Additionally, Detroit police submitted a homicide warrant submission for Brazier to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, which was returned to investigators, pending further investigation. 

Moreover, the ongoing news on Twitter about Zion’s death has not been confirmed by the verified source but people are already mourning her death.

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Missing Update- Zion Foster Cousin Arrested

According to the sources, a missing teenager, Zion Foster’s cousin Jaylin Brazier picked her up to have a party at home on Detroit’s west side, which was something they usually did. 

Likewise, Foster was initially reported missing on Jan. 5, and Brazier denied telling the teen’s mother where Foster was after she went missing. According to the online sites, Jaylin Brazier was arrested on a felony warrant regarding the investigation headed by Detroit police.

Besides, Brazier was charged for lying to the police after being questioned about her missing. On Jan. 13, Brazier’s vehicle was seen in the Metro Detroit suburb, Waterford, with no signs of Foster inside as per the investigators. 

Additionally, Brazier was planned to be arraigned in the 38th District Court. Further, the Detroit Police Department informed PEOPLE that he is currently not characterized by an attorney.

Zion Foster Age- Meet Her Parents

Zion Foster is a 17 years old teen who went missing last month. However, Zion’s exact birth date and childhood history are still to be revealed. Similalry, she was born to her mother, Ciera Milton; Nevertheless, her father’s name is still missing from the sources. 

Likewise, Zion is the eldest of six children, well her siblings name yet to get disclosed. 

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