Is Smail Tulja Dead Or Still Alive? Find Out Mary Beal Killer Whereabouts In 2022


Smail Tulja is the murderer of Mary Beal. Where is he now? Is he dead or alive? Let us learn more about him below!

Smail Tulja is a convicted felon.  He was convicted in a Montenegro court, in July 2010, for the 1990 murder of Mary Beal in New York City.

The victim went missing on September 15, 1990, and was found three weeks later in two garbage bags. It was reported that she had been decapitated and dismembered.

He was then arrested in his home in the tiny Balkan country’s capital, Podgorica, on a federal arrest warrant obtained by the FBI and forwarded to Interpol agents. Later it was revealed that the suspect and the victim began dating getting into a dispute over money. Previously, he had met her during an appearance in a courthouse when she was an interpreter. 

Following Beal’s killing, detectives discovered bloodstains in Tulja’s Bronx apartment, but he fled the country. 

Where Is Smail Tulja Now? Mary Beal Murder: Is He Dead Or Alive?

People have been wondering if Mary Beal’s murderer Smail Tulja is dead or alive. 

He was apprehended in the winter of 2009 in the Balkan country of Montenegro. He stood trial in Europe for the Beal murder and other cases as Montenegro did not extradite its citizens. 

Apart from Beal, he was also charged with murdering his wife, who went missing in Albania several years prior to 2009. He was ultimately convicted of the Beal murder and sentenced to 12 years in a Montenegrin prison.  However, according to the source, Tulja died behind bars in 2012.

Smail Tulja Age

Smail Tulja’s age was 67 years old when he was arrested in 2009.

Reportedly, he was born Smajo Džurlić; in 1940 or 1941 in Plav, Montenegro, Yugoslavia. However, he changed his name to Tulja after fleeing the U.S., with his third wife, following Mary Beal’s murder.

Smail Tulja Family

Smail Tulja’s family is out of the spotlight. 

Not much is known about them. It appears that he chose to keep his family details private for some reason. 

How many more women did Tulja kill?

It is speculated that Tulja may have killed at least eight women in total.

In addition to that, Montenegrin authorities, along with American police officials, suspected him of several murders in the United States, Belgium, Albania, and Montenegro.

However, it is reported that Belgian and Albanian police have not made any conclusive connections to those murders.

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