Is Sheila Canning Leaving Neighbours? Actress Colette Mann Vaguely Confirms Her Exit From The Show


Neighbours’ Sheila Canning portrayer has given a vague hint making a confirmation to her “leaving the show” news. 

Sheila Canning, a fictional character, is portrayed by Colette Mann, who is is an Australian actress and famed TV personality.

The 71-year-old host is also involved in the writing sector. She is best known for her portrayals on Neighbours and Prisoners as Sheila Canning and  Doreen Burns respectively.

Colette Mann has surprised her audience after making an exit from the Neighbours in a low-profile manner. With this, the character Sheila’s journey also comes to an end.

Is Sheila Canning Leaving Neighbours? Actress Colette Mann Vaguely Confirms

Yes, Sheila Canning is leaving Neighbours, and the actress Colette Man has vaguely confirmed it.

According to Daily Mail, the veteran actress has had a low-key exit from the soap in the recent week. Obviously, it’s always difficult when it comes to parting and all, and especially when you have acted in the series in which Mann has starred as Sheila Canning since 2012.

It is found that Colette herself has announced via her Twitter about her break from the long-running series Neighbors where she has dedicated her time and effort for nearly 10 years. One of her fans also asked if she would return or would leave the show permanently, to which Colette replied, “Looks that way”. That is, there is also a high possibility that she is not going to ever return back and act in this series.

When asked by one of Mann’s fans if she would continue acting or leave acting too, she replied that she will still be teaching and acting.

Colette Mann Family Explored

Colette Mann’s family includes her son Sam and her husband who happens to appear mysterious. 

Actually, her husband has managed to maintain a low-profile image for years now and unlike Mann, who is in the center of the public limelight.  About 30 years ago, she along with her small son has done some photoshoots for a child fostering campaign.

More on Mann’s family life, she is originally from Melbourne, Australia as per Famous Birthdays.

What Is Colette Mann Net Worth?

Colette Mann’s net worth is roughly estimated in millions as noted in the web portals.

According to All Famous Birthday, she has a collection of around $1.5 million in account balance. Similarly, the site called Idol Networth noted her total earnings as $6 millions.

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