Is Rob Kipa-Williams Leaving Home And Away? Everything You Need To Know About The Actor


Rob Kipa-Williams may be leaving Home And Away after expressing dissatisfaction with his role. 

Rob Kipa-Williams is a popular actor from New Zealand. He is best known for his role as Zac in 800 Words and Ari Parata in Home and Away.

He had made his debut on Channel Seven’s Home and Away in 2020. Lately, there are strong rumors claiming the actor is willing to leave the show.

Is Rob Kipa-Williams Leaving Home And Away?

Rob Kipa-Williams could be leaving Home and Away, where he portrays the character of Ari Parata.

In October 2021, news had claimed that the actor was not happy about the writing for his character.

He had made a complaint on his Instagram stating that his character, saying Ari had become less ‘rugged’ since his debut.

Rob had shared a snapshot of himself as Ari on the beach, looking melancholy. He wrote: Remember when Ari used to live on the grouchy side of life?’

Meanwhile, one fan had commented: On ‘I miss that Ari. Seriously,’ to which Rob replied: ‘Me too.’

Another admirer of Ari stated:  ‘My husband said this yesterday. He said Ari was so rough, rugged, and cool when he first came in.’

As for reply, Rob told, ‘I like him a little more ruggedly written… oh well,’.

Summing up all such situations, we can say that the actor wants his former character back. Although, we could not confirm if he is quitting the show.

In late December 2021, it was confirmed that Sam Frost and Harley Bonner is leaving the show. 

Rob Kipa-Williams  Wife Or Partner In 2022

Rob Kipa-Williams is yet to reveal the details about his partner or girlfriend. For now, we can confirm that he is not married.

However, in reel life, Kipa-Williams’ character Ari had a girlfriend named, Mackenzie Booth, played by Emily Weir.

As of now, Ari is engaged to Mia Anderson, portrayed by Anna Samson. He also has a stepdaughter named Chloe.

In the show, Ari makes a huge sacrifice for his girlfriend and her daughter.

When Mia was arrested for killing Matthew Montgomery, Ari takes the fall for the murder. 

Rob Kipa-Williams Net Worth Exceeds A Million USD

Rob Kipa-Williams’ net worth is expected to be above $1 million USD. 

His prior acting credits included both TV and film; 800 Words, Pearl In Paradise, The Meg, West of Eden, etc.

Besides acting, Kipa-Williams has also invested his money as an entrepreneur.

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