Why Is Maybvlogs Arrested? 

Maybvlogs is arrested as the suspect in the car crash, that took place in Leicester, causing the death of Hashim and Saqib. 

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The arrest news is spreading wildly over the Internet, but the confirmations are yet to come out from reliable sources. 

According to social handles like TikTok and Twitter, she and her mother, who frequently appear in her videos, were chasing the boys’ car, making them cross their speed limit. 

Presenting and believing in news based on social media solely can be absurd. So, wait for the feasible sources to reveal it. 

Accident News Explored

Hashim and Saqib became the victims of a horrible three-heap car crash that might have occurred due to the reckless behavior of the social media influencer and YouTuber Maybvlogs. 

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Occurred in Leicester on the A46 close to the Six Hills intersection at 1.35 a.m., the crash associated with Overspeed caused the spot-death of the boys. 

Several fragments of what actually happened are out in the public. And according to reports, the police department is actively working on the case.

Did She Cause Hashim And Saqib Death?

There are no authoritative reports that say the duo caused the accident. 

But, even after receiving hatred on the Internet, Maybvlogs and her mother are not out to accept or reject the backlash, suggesting they could be involved. 

Though there is a larger probability of her causing the accident, there stays a teeny-tiny possibility for the accusations to be false. 

Hence, without any legit confirmations, the conclusions can be misleading.