Is Matt Harvey Bloody Nose Due To Cocaine? Pitcher Admits To Drug Use In Exploding Testimony


Matt Harvey’s bloody nose has gotten a lot of attention, and many people are wondering if cocaine is the source of his bleeding nose. Find out more about it.

Matt Harvey testified in a Texas courtroom, admitting to providing Tyler Skaggs with six or seven Percocet during the 2019 season.

Harvey said that he and Tyler Skaggs discussed pill use during spring training in 2019 while teammates. Among other things, the two discussed oxycodone and its medical and recreational use.

Is Matt Harvey Bloody Nose Due To Cocaine Drug Use? 

It was uncommon in the case of New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey because he had not been subjected to any physical abuse; he was spotted bleeding from the nose during his start against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Harvey’s nasal bleed is the second time he’s had one in the middle of a game.

Throughout his testimony, Harvey admitted to being a party animal, telling the prosecution that cocaine was his go-to drug when he went out. He continued to take cocaine after contracting with the Angels for the 2019 season and arriving in California.

In addition to cocaine and oxycodone, Harvey claimed that he obtained Percocet pills before the start of the 2019 season and shared them with Skaggs after Skaggs asked if he had Percocet or oxycodone.

According to Harvey, Skaggs asked Harvey for drugs before “a few” road trips during the 2019 season, including one where Skaggs requested oxycodone to feel “loosey-goosey” before one of his starts.

According to Harvey, Skaggs acquired pills from Kay and another California dealer, who did not realize the degree of Skaggs’ addiction.

Former Mets pitcher Matt Harvey detailed his personal drug use, and while testifying in the trial of former Los Angeles Angels worker Eric Kay, who stands accused in the drug-related death of pitcher Tyler Skaggs, he ran into pitcher Tyler Skaggs.

Was Matt Harvey Involved For Tyler Skaggs Death?

Matt Harvey opened out about his drug use and Tyler Skaggs, as part of the trial involving former Angels employee Eric Kay, who is suspected of giving Skaggs the chemicals that may have led to the pitcher’s death.

According to numerous reporters following the trial, Harvey volunteered to testify because he was granted immunity after being subpoenaed.

Skaggs was a teammate of the former Mets great at his death. “Those are Percocets I got from Harvey,” Skaggs stated of the narcotics that killed him.

Harvey testified that he gave Skaggs six or seven Percocets in the clubhouse throughout the season. Kay was Skaggs’ typical source, according to Harvey.

In April and May of this year, Kay, the Angels’ former communications director, recovered. Skaggs asked Harvey to collect drugs from his connections, according to Harvey.

During his testimony, Harvey admitted to using cocaine. According to ESPN, defense counsel Michael Molfetta reportedly inquired if he lied about his use of the substance in New York.

Matt Harvey Testimony Explained

Matt Harvey acknowledged using cocaine and abusing Percocet and oxycodone in shocking testimony.

A medical examiner deemed Skaggs’ death in a Texas hotel room accidental, although the 27-year-old was discovered with a 0.12 blood alcohol level and fentanyl and oxycodone in his system.

Harvey was granted immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony in the trial. Throughout his career, he acknowledged using cocaine, including during his time with the Angels in 2019.

The 32-year-old stated he didn’t lie about his drug use because he wasn’t asked about it. He pitched for the Mets from 2012 to 2018.

He saw the MLB atmosphere, in which players will do anything to stay on the field, as a significant reason some players might turn to drugs to help them perform better.

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