Is Madison Hubbell Married Or Engaged? Husband Or Finance

Madison Hubbell is engaged to Adrian Diaz, a Spanish international Olympic athlete, with whom she is now dating.

She attempted to develop this love link with Zachary Donahue, one of her USA Team ice-skating dancers.

They dated for a few years, but the love interest began to complain about their dancing routines.

Madison and Zachary then split off to focus on their preparation for the major Olympic game, and they worked hard to enhance their skills.

They won the gold medal in that event, and it wasn’t long before they recognized what was good for both of them.

When Olivia got along with Zachary and Adrian got along with Madison, they ended up dating the Spanish skating team.

It was also suggested that the two dancing couples shared an apartment to perform their routines.

Madison began dancing and ice skating in 1996 at the Bloomfields Center, has been a significant figure and source of inspiration for many novices and neophytes of the sports.

Is Madison Hubbell Still Dating Adrian Diaz?

Madison Hubbell and Adrian Diaz have been engaged since 2018, but have yet to marry.

After breaking up with her US Team Figure Skating partner Zachary, Madison began dating Adrian Diaz.

Moreover, she has been dancing with Zachary Donohue, a three-time gold medalist with the United States Figure Skating Team.

She has won the 2018 Grand Prix Final, the 2014 Four Continents Championship, and three US National Championships with Zachary.