Is Faye Wong’s ex Li Yapeng, 50, marrying his model girlfriend, 31?


BEIJING – Singer Faye Wong’s ex-husband Li Yapeng is rumoured to be marrying his model girlfriend Haiha Jinxi after they were reportedly spotted in a wedding shoot.

The couple, who have been together for about two years, were photographed at a studio in what appeared to be wedding outfits.

The photos, which were taken from a distance and have not been verified, appeared on Weibo on Wednesday (Jan 12) and quickly began to circulate online.

Li, 50, a Chinese actor turned businessman, was wearing a tuxedo and sported a diamond wedding ring, while Haiha, 31, was glimpsed only from the back in a white wedding dress.

Li was married to Wong, 52, from 2005 to 2013 and they have a daughter together. After their divorce, he had dated a number of women, including billionaire writer Susie Wu.

Haiha, who was China’s Miss Tourism Queen in 2006 and a finalist at Miss China World in 2011, is from the Nuosu ethnic group.

She had a minor role in the 2017 movie Yang And His Summer.

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