Is Al Michaels Leaving NBC?

Yes, Al Michaels is leaving NBC as his contract is expiring. He seemed to want to continue working. However, NBC may be unwilling to pay him what he deserves.

As a result, they may lose the gem and his services in the bidding war with Amazon and ESPN. The sportscaster is rumored to join either ESPN or Amazon.

The New York Post reports that ESPN is interested in acquiring him for their Monday Night Football booth. Currently, it is hosted by Steve Levy, Bob Griese, and Louis Riddick.

Griese’s contract is about to expire, and Riddick is a candidate for the empty general manager post with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Likewise, 15 Thursday night NFL games will be exclusively streamed on Amazon Prime next year, with legendary Sunday Night Football producer Fred Gaudelli in charge of the broadcast.

Thus, New York Post claims that Amazon has been pursuing Michaels to become its main play-by-play voice and is ready to pay upwards of $11 million per year.

In addition, he would also be able to call a few NBC games next season, including one playoff game, under the terms of the agreement.

How Much Is Al Michaels Salary As A Sunday Night Broadcaster

According to Sporting News, Al Michaels gets a salary of $6 million as a Sunday night broadcaster. He has been with NBC since 2006.

However, it seems that his contract is about to expire. As a result, the broadcaster may leave the channel this time, although he may want to continue working. 

The reason behind it is the exclusive deals and offers he is getting from Amazon. He is likely to get paid $11 million per year in Amazon. 

Explore Al Michaels Net Worth In 2022 

The net worth of Al Michaels is $30 million in 2022. He is popular for his years of calling play-by-play for National Football League games, including a nearly two-decade run on ABC Monday Night Football.

After 2006, he has been in NBC’s Sunday Night Football. Now, he is set to leave the station and is rumored to join Amazon, offering him a hefty amount. It is likely to increase his fortune as well.