Iqrar Ul Hassan Injured Video Goes Viral On YouTube and Social Media


WATCH: Iqrar Ul Hassan Injured Video Goes Viral On YouTube and Social Media: The prominent and courageous anchor of Sar-e-Aam has been allegedly beaten up by the officials of IB (Intelligence Bureau), he is a Pakistani journalist and television anchor who is widely known for taking risks to and exposing the poor face of our society that’s the main reason he gets life threats regularly but this time he has been brutally beaten up and tortured by the IB officials, this news is making headlines in the news channels of the country, to know who is the responsible for this misconduct with Sar-e-Aam’s anchor and what could be the reason for this incident, keep reading the article till the end as it will just take a while. Follow More Update On

Iqrar Ul Hassan Injured Video

According to the reports, the journalist and his team were attacked by the official of the intelligence agency in an area near Orangi in Karachi as they were exposing an IB officer for his corruption. Iqrar Ul Hasan is a television anchor or host of ARY News and it has also been got to know that the ARY News anchor was immediately rushed to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital for the treatment of critical wounds where he got several stitches and emergency first aid treatment, later the medical staff said that now he is out of danger and all the basic treatment procedures have been accomplished. Follow the article to read more about this trending topic on the internet.


And it is also been known that Syed Mohiuddin Rizwan is a man who is behind this tragic attack on TV journalist, Syed Rizwan is the Director of the Intelligence Bureau. A source has reported to the Baaghi TV that ARY News anchor and his team were beaten and tortured with the electric shots on their delicate body parts and also stripped naked and all have been done on the order of Syed Rizwan.

According to the sources, it has been confirmed that Syed Mohiuddin Rizwan and other four officials of the IB agency have been revoked and suspended from their rank for mishandling the situation and mistreatment of the ARY News team and this also has been confirmed by Syed Nasir Hussain Shah who is Provincial Minister of Sindh for Local Governments. Stay connected with ‘getindianews’ to get the daily updates on trending news and read more such trending news here on this web page.

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