Fox host Laura Ingraham mentioned on “The Ingraham Angle” Thursday that President Joe Biden “talks a big game” on manufacturing, however his insurance policies in impact obtain the other of enabling an financial increase from manufacturing. One of the explanations, Ingraham mentioned, is that the left’s insurance policies destroyed power independence achieved below former President Donald Trump. 

“Biden’s war on oil and gas is going to hurt any effort to bring back manufacturing to the United States,” Ingraham mentioned. “To bring manufacturing back we need a dependable energy sector that absolutely must include traditional sources.”

“Unilateral disarmament on energy … that’s only going to strengthen China’s hand,” Ingraham added.

Cutting power use, reminiscent of for the surroundings, as Biden has outlined is in his agenda, will solely damage the United States’ means to compete with China, in accordance with Ingraham. 

“And we know the [Chinese Communist Party] will do whatever it takes to keep their factories running no matter what,” she mentioned.

The White House mentioned in a Thursday assertion, “[We] commit to strengthening and supporting the American manufacturers … We commit to building a future that is made in America.” In July, Biden mentioned, “Buy America has become a hollow promise. My administration is going to make ‘buy American’ a reality.”

“The cumulative effect of the left’s energy policies has been to destroy the energy independence we achieved under Trump, and then force American families and small businesses to maddening levels of price inflation at the pump,” Ingraham mentioned. 

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Under Biden, gas prices have skyrocketed to a seven-year excessive at simply over $3. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm blamed the novel coronavirus because the trigger. “Everything is tied together,” she mentioned. Additionally, the worth of natural gas has additionally elevated, that means the U.S. would possibly see heating payments up 30%.

Ingraham mentioned that if skyrocketing gasoline payments do not get up New England from sending liberal politicians to Capitol Hill, she does not know what’s going to. 

“Here’s the bottom line: everything the Democrats are doing is discouraging investment and job creation … and at the same time it’s going to prompt inflation. We need to end the attacks on our energy sector, fully re-open the economy without these mandates, stop the crippling taxes and regulations that push businesses overseas, and stay out of disastrous trade pacts like the Trans-Pacific Partnership.” 

“If we keep going down the path, we’ll end up with a combination of unnecessarily high unemployment and rising prices – just like we had in the days of Jimmy Carter. Looking at all of this, I could say one thing: elections could not come soon enough.”